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Buying my first road bike - R1/Gixxer1000/CBR1000/Kawasaki

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Shachar1971, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Hi All

    I got an amazing response to my first question regarding helmet selection, and wrote this long winded question about bike selection, then not sure what i presses because it never got posted... maybe i hit "preview" instead of submit - and it was late at night so i did not re-write it.

    Also, i will try keep it more consice than my first attempt.

    In the year 1971 in a land far far away.... only joking!!...it must have been 1972... OK I need some coffee!!!

    I got my first bike only some 6 months ago a dirt bike which i ride 2-3 times a week in the hills.. the main reason i wanted to get the bike was to get my bike skills up so i could get my drea bike (which was always the GSXR1000)...

    I did an advanced drivers course a few weeks ago on a Honda CB900, this included a track course too... it was absolutley AWESOME!!!

    I have chatted to so many people about bike selection, and also looked it up on the net - with one forum in the us being called "GSXR1000 for my first bike"...now how relevant is that!!! However, ever single post that came in on that forum was bagging the guy for even menetioning the GSXR1000 and first bike in one sentece... it was like sacreligious to even say it... they all stated he had a deathwish and should go for a 250cc, then 500cc, then 600cc, then.... as the leter bikes are too much for him.

    this made sence to me, so i thought maybe the GSXR600... dealer, says, mate with your size, you should go for the GSXR1000... went into Yamaha to check out the R1 as i baught my current bile from them... they said R6... CONFUSION!!!!

    Then i went for lessons and my instructor said that if i am intending on doing mostly track days etc, yes, go for a R6/GSXR600 etc. but if i am (MY PLAN) intending on doing a few track courses to get my skills up then a few track days here and there and mostly going for weekend rides with groups, the R1/GSXR1000/CBR1000 would be a better fit...

    When i looked at the specs i realised that the bikes are slightly larger... when i sat on the bikes the leter bikes did feel much more comfortable...

    I am going to take all four for test drives - each dealership has said that they would take me for an hour ride in the hills to allow me to make my choice.... which i intend on doing... i wanted to get your ideas on this as i am an EXTREMELY impulsive guy and will probably want to drive the bike i select home with me THAT day!!!

    I am in no way fooling myself to think that I could come close to using the full potential of such a bike in my first year or two...or ever maybe... probably same goes for the R6... but even during the track course i did, all the guys said, "mate... go for the leter bike.. you are a big guy and will feel much more comfortable on them"

    PS:... no i am not a big fat old guy going through a mid life crisis.... i am a 112Kgs very fit "youngish" :grin: guy going through a mid life crisis!!!

    Hope to get some good responses here.

  2. Darling, where's my ten foot pole?
  3. Well going from a dirtbike to a 1000cc sportsbike is going to be a HUGE leap in performance. Provided you can keep a reign on your right hand, can afford the insurance, tyres, higher running costs etc...and it's the bike you always wanted then buy it. I went from a 250cc road bike which i rode for approx 18 months to a CBR1100xx...the bigger bike is quite easy to ride around town but make no mistake it is VERY quick! if you don't have the self control required I can see how some people get themselves into a whole world of trouble.

    As for R1 or Gixxer 1000 both are awesome bikes with capabilities that outstrip most riders...any differences between the 2 are going to be minute...although from what i hear the Gixxer is quite comfortable to ride for a sportsbike
  4. I dunno about that Loz. My brother bought an R1 for his first ever road bike & rode that around for a year or two with no dramas (other than getting chased by the coppers a few times :shock: ) He had ridden a shitload of dirt bikes in his time previously though. He has since sold it as he realised that that style of bike is simply overkill for the road.
    It's all in your head I reckon. I still would not trust myself on any of the current crop of litre bikes & so in the best interests of self preservation, I simply will not buy one :grin: The saying "absolute power corrupts" has significant relevance in my case I fear.
    But back to the question at hand. Buy whatever you feel comfortable with dude. And also what you trust yourself with :wink: Make your own decision & don't come back whinging if you hurt yourself.
  5. OK, that's a bit harsh.

    I agree the 1000s are more comfy than the 600s for us big mongrels. And they're a lot more "effortless" to ride because it really doesn't matter what gear you're in, you can shred your tyres with a flick of the wrist in most gear.

    So buy a 1000 if you must.

    But everything people will tell you about the dangers and street-inappropriateness of such bikes is true. They require more than just respect and self-control, they require a good deal of skill; bike control skill and road-reading skill.

    So keep on doing those courses, and approach what you're getting into with a serious learning focus, because superbikes are pain multiplers for little mistakes.
  6. Yeah I'm totally with you on that count. The bike's got the power, you wanna use it! Trouble is, peak of the powerband in first gear is around 140-150kmh. What the f*ck use is that?
  7. Before you buy check out the cost of insurance, tyres (and freqency of thier replacement) and also the insurance policy if you are doing track days.

    If its just going to be a track bike then perhaps looking at fixing a wreck or a secondhand track bike for track usage, you'll cry a lot if stack the brand new bike on the track, whatever it is.

    Also if you are thinking of taking it as far as racing check out MA and the different classes of racing to help decide where you want to slot in.
  8. I do understand about the "absolute power corrupts" statement, hence i never got a bike when i was 18.

    I am enjoying life too much to mess it up by going nuts on a bike... however, the idea of doing more advanced courses to get my skills up and then maybe doing a racecraft course some day appeals to me big time.

    I had thought of getting something like a sports tourer... but i do like the idea of doing some track days after i have done the appropriate courses and had some more experience. The day on the track was absolutley awesome.

    Am also hoping to get to know more people in perth who go for regular rides, and that are open to newer riders joining them. My instructor said he was going to put a few sunday rides together.

    Regarding the insurances... i got a few quotes...from $800 p.a. (WQBE) to $2500 p.a. (SGIO) - i did not ask about the track day coverage though... better look into that one.

    Must say, i joined some flying forums a couple of years ago when i had questions about aircraft (a previous mid life crisis) and got very little responce... glad to see people seem very pationate about bikes.

    Thanks again for all your coments
  9. litre bike all the way...
  10. on that thought, you might have luck finding a track bike at an import wreckers. my local import place have had a number of unregistered (mild crash damage and/or too new to get complianced) sportsbikes come through that would probably be pretty good value for a track only bike.

    As for getting a litre sports bike as your first road bike, i'd say i think it's not a good idea - both in terms of safety, and fun. When you're test riding, make sure you try smaller bikes (600ish twins and fours at least, maybe even single cylinders) and try to think about what it's going to be like riding the bike on a day to day basis. also ride around for a bit sticking to the speed limit and see what's more fun.

  11. Yeah Im with Triway... I recon GSXR750 is the solution for you..
    The '06 have been getting excellent reviews both on the track and road..

    I think you should add it to your test ride list..
  12. honda, 1000, nuff said
  13. You are prolly gonna end up spending alot more time on the road than you are at track days. So you may even want to look in a different stable for your ideal ride.
    You mentioned that the gixxer is your "dream" bike, but riding round on them for a while can often be a whole new ball game.

    I sold an IMMACULATE 2003 R1 with 2,400k's on the clock cos I scored a ride of a mates Honda VTR1000F and realised what I'd been missing out on for the last 2400k's.
    It was just so much more suited to ME. When I purchased the R1, I thought, yeah great, this is it! Awesome! But after living with it for a few thousand kays, I realised that I had made a mistake.
    Sure the VTR is down about 30% on power, but am I any slower on it? No, I actually think I'm smoother and faster.

    I'm not trying to talk you out of your choice, cos your experience is mainly on dirt etc, etc. I've got mates who bascially started riding period on a 1 litre sports bike no probs without any prior experience.

    My opinion... Just look round for a bit. And take a few for a spin if you can.

    I'd prolly suggest maybe trying the VFR800, VTR1000, Hyabusa, cbr1100 as well. All got plenty of go, with a slightly different flavour.
  14. lol, i most likely wouldnt be suggesting the fastest production bike (hysbusa) as a 1st road bike. plus that thing wasnt made to corner.

    when i was going from my 250, i was thinking 1000 or r6.

    the main reason i got the 600 was because it was more fun, you get to use the gears more, plus as they are lighter you can flick them around more. the r1 does 180km/h in first gear !! its not like i was going to test out that on the road.

    though in saying all this, now that i have owned a 600, the bike im looking at possibly buyin is the 07 r1 next year.

    just remember it is a massive power jump, having 180hp at the rear can be very scary sometimes.

    personally, i dont believe one of these bikes is the smartest step for a first road bike
  15. Shachar1971 is this post for real or a troll I ask myself. :?

    Plenty of folk go from 250's to litre bikes with no worries , but from a chookie thats a big difference , a world of difference , dirt skills, road bike skill, car skills and self preservation skills are all very different .
    I got back onto a bike after a short 2 year lay off and rode a mates ZX9 , I bought the VFR why? , because I need a bike where I have to wind the throttle ON to ride at legal speeds not as the 9R does,roll it OFF to get down to legal speeds . :grin:
    As everyone here has said litre + means things happen very quickly very easyly.
    Dont be fooled by journos hype, in the real world a decent sports tourer ridden well will give you a fat bigger than Everest when you get it right.
    Litre + Sports bikes in the real world ,yeh very fast etc etc etc but really are you good enough is what you need to ask yourself , or would you be more satisfied by executing that corner 100% right on a 'lesser' bike and rounding up a Sunday racer on an R1.
    Believe me all you big sports bike ridersI am not knocking your choice of ride, but Shachar1971 asked for opinions and that means everyones not just those with big boyz toyz.
  16. Hey Shachar1971 I just reread your post and in the last secntence you used the word "impulsive" in purchase most of us have been but if you use that trait on a liter + then by by ticket to ride without thinking. :grin:
  17. I really do appreciate everyones input into this - otherwise i would not have asked. This includes you, sirprice, i have thought of a sports tourer too. and will be taking them for a ride also, however i am looking at getting more skills and been told many times that a day on the track is like a few years experience on the road (not taking that litterally, but an element of truth there probably is).

    Also, sirprice, the impulsive part is in no way a reflection of how i would drive or how i fly an aircraft. as i mentioned i am enjoying life too much to do a stupid thing. I will probably be driving the 1 letre bike more like a sports tourer than anything else, but do intend on doing every single course i can lay my hands on to get my skills up - i think THAT is half the fun.

    I used to work 80 hour weeks and had no time for myself, then i got into property developement (and finance) and have a lot more time for myself and for enjoying life... i do however intend on enjoying it for a lot longer.

    I will not be using the bike for day to day transport, merley for weekend play and track days (eventually). the reason why i thought against a sports tourer was i was not sure if it would be OK for the track... come to think of it, i was once told to try out the VFR....

    I will go for my test rides (this week i hope) and maybe include a few other bikes (r6, gixxer750, vtr)... i think the guys at the dealership will hate me by the time i am finished.
  18. I dunno how true the statement "a track day is worth X weeks on the road" is. However, you have to understand that riding on a track is nothing like riding on the road. While you may learn how to punt a bike a bit faster around corners on the track, aside from the "fun" factor on the road, it doesn't make you a better rider. Some may argue that it makes you more ambititious, and hence exposed to greater risk.

    I personally have big problems with guys jumping of 250s onto sports bikes from 750 and up. I s'pose that you'd have to visit the bike wreckers to see how many R1s, and ZX-10s there are which were owned by guys such as yourself. Or how many, after scaring the crap out of themselves, flog the sports bikes and get something more sedate.

    Whatever, if you choose an R1 or whatever remember, as a track bike, a half way decent rider on a 600 will most likely give you a flogging. Case in point - a mate has an R6 and an R7 (well, the model that the R7 superbike was based on). The R6 is his track bike. Cheaper to buy, cheaper to fix. The 750 is his road bike.
  19. Just wanted to put my thoughts in on this topic, I rode around on a clapped out 250 for six months before getting myself a brand new R6. I didn't even contemplate getting 1000cc machine, to me the jump was just to big. One thing I like about my 600 is that unless you have got the revs up in the ceiling its pretty tame. But find a nice road and keep it fired up and it plays with the best of them. Yes , in the company of 1000 bikes it will get smoked in a straight line drag, but in the twisties I think outright power is wasted. I will move onto a 1 litre bike one day, but that won't be until I have the best of my 600.

    In the end you are doing the right thing, have a test ride, only way to know.