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Buying my first (non LAMS) bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nedlud, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    New to this forum. Been lurking a while, but it's time to post. I recently got off my restricted license and I'm looking at buying my first non LAMS bike.

    What should I get?

    I currently ride the Hyosung Aquila (GV250) and have been very happy with it. It's been extreamly reliable, in spite of it's 40,000k. It was 2nd (3rd?) hand when I bought it.

    I need a commuter (I ride 50km each day in traffic, to work and back), plus something that can handle the open road on weekends.

    I've only got about $8k to spend.

    Since I've had a good experience with the Hyosung, I was thinking of getting the GT650 (unrestricted). They sell for around $8k new.

    Or should I look at something second hand? I saw a shop in the city last week with a Honda CB900F (Hornet) for $7k. But since Honda don't make them any more, I was worried about parts. But I've only heard good things about that model.

    Should I get the new bike? Or the 2nd hand bike? What else should I consider?

  2. I'm going through the same phase nedlud!

    I'd stay clear of the Hyosung personally - particularly if you intend holding onto the bike for some time. I'd definitely go a Jap second-hander in good condition rather than Hyo. Make sure you have someone knowledgeable with you to checkout any second-hand options of course before buying.

    Like me you are thinking of an all-rounder - commute, twisties, and maybe some touring. The Hornet is an upright naked style bike, and I'm looking at these too. Upright nakeds are a good option - sporty to ride, but more upright and comfortable than genuine faired sports bikes. I'm also looking at the Yamaha FZ6N and FZ8N, as I have a preference for inline four cylinder engines (like the hornet). If you aren't too fussed about it being an IL4, you could also look at the Triumph Street Triple (newer and more expensive of course) or if you are on a budget you could look at the Suzuki SV650 (twin) as well although this is faired I think. Others will have more suggestions.

    I won't comment on the Hornet being discontinued thing, others with more knowledge can do that... The Honda CB600s are a smaller style Hornet which are meant to be pretty good as well, they've had some styling updates so look a bit more modern than the 900s.

    Edit - just read about your budget. You can get good examples of hornets (both 600/900) 2007-9ish for around 8 grand. Also the FZ6Ns - pre 2008 models can be found around this price or cheaper.
  3. Congrats on the upward move, I have a Hornet900, tis an 05 model, hmm commute wise, this will get you speeing tickets EASILY if youre not careful, very reliable, I have recently put a screen on it to keep the wind of the chest. You can 'putt putt' on these and they have the pull whilst in 6th from 60kmh to 'onwards and beyond' lol
    There are better bikes I guess and worse but you get damn good bang for your buck with these bikes. just my 2 cents worth.
  4. The vt750 get good reviews and was $10k new a little while ago (not sure if still is) if you are looking at cruisers.

    I think sportsbikes are better than nakeds as a second hand propsition as they depreciate more.
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  6. Thanks guys. The CB900f is looking good :)
  7. Nothing wrong with a second hand bike (generally). I was thinking about a Z750 for a second bike. Looks like a good posture for commuting, but still good fun for the weekends. I haven't ridden one so I don't know much about them. Look into fuel consumption and tank size too; if I take the bike to work its around 50Km each way through the hills, and by the third day I wont make it to work if I don't refuel on the way (its a fun way to burn fuel though).
  8. zx14 baby
  9. nothing too flash ey, s1000rr maybe? or 1199 Panigale S? they fit in your price range dont they...

    Any of the mid-range nakeds will suit you well for an all-rounder. Don't dismiss a good second-hand bike as you will get a lot more bike for the money as long as you do your research before purchasing.