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Buying my first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by blaringmike, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been looking for my first bike for a month or so now and its been pretty much all i've been doing.

    So last night i was watching the football last night and got an sms from a friend who said he knew a bloke that was looking to sell a CBR250RR. The guy asked me if i wanted to come have a look at it right away. It was about 9.30pm but I decided to go have a quick look.

    I got out to this blokes house about 20mins north of Canberra and it turned out I went to school with him. Hadnt seen him for a fair while so I stayed out and had a beer with him and talked about he old school days (not that long ago).

    But anyway, he had it advertised for 6400. But since I knew him he offered it to me for 5500. It is a '98 Aussie delivered, tri-colour CBR250RR with 40,000kms. Immaculate condition never been dropped.

    After reading through this forum I had a fair idea of what problem signs to look for and I checked them all. Only thing I could find wrong with it was on startup it blew a bit of fuel out the exhuast. Can anyone tell me what would cause this, just carbies need a tune? I took it for a quick test ride and the engine revved nicely through the range and the gear box and clutch felt strong.

    Anyhow after pretty much falling in love with it straight away I remembered alot of people on here saying to always get it double checked by someone that isnt going to hump it silly. So I've got a mate from work checking it out sometime this week.

    So I'm finally gonna have my first bike. Going out this weekend to get gear and hopefully get on the road on Sunday :shock: . See you all out there.
  2. Being an Aussie delivered model is a good start, but I strongly suggest taking it to a local Honda dealer and paying them to give it a check over.

    It's money well spent (seriously).
  3. for $5500 it wanna be a really good bike!!

    are they really worth that much???? i paid $2000 for my old gpx with 12 monts rego and it was in immaculate cond. it was a 98 or 99 i think with only 20-30,000km on it. it seems really steep caus i only paid $7000 for my 01 fz1 with 15000km on it, it didnt even have a finger smudge on it lol :LOL:
  4. No.
  5. +1

    It's kind of ridiculous when you can pick up a 2000-2003 model 600 (Or, more appropriately, a brand new 250) for a similar price as some of these cbr250s.
  6. But it DOES come back to the old argument about whether to buy an older bike for starters and get a newie when you have full license and experience, doesn't it? But just to put into perspective, Mike, I bought my '98 600 for $5,500, with 54,000 on the clock.

    If you really are keen on it anyway, I agree what you should get a professional check-up on it. If the guy is a friend, he shouldn't object...
  7. The question is a cbr250rr worth ~$6000. The answer is not really. Another question, is there another 250cc sports bike that is learner freindly and can be used for track days once skill is up and reach speeds ~200kph. The answer is, not really.

    These bikes have had their day, but are still a class out to their own. They certianly should not command the prices that they do, but without a competitor with the sub-calibre range of motorcycles. They will continue to be highly priced.
  8. Thanks for the replies.

    I do agree that they are over priced. But due to the limited selection of learner legal sports bikes out there is a strong demand for them. Thus the high price for what they are. I've had a look at a few dealer CBR's who are wanting 7k+ for bikes that are no where near as good condition as this. I will get it check professionally.

    Can anyone tell me what they think would be causing it to blow unburnt fuel out on startup and while warming up? Is this just a case of a carbie tune up?

    Cheers, Mike
  9. Is it definitely fuel? If you have the choke on to get it started - well, it uses more fuel to do that. If it's been sitting outside, maybe some moisture got in and it's just condensation. If it's oil, you might need new rings. I'd get a knowledgable rider or Honda to check it first.

    $5,500 isn't a brilliant deal, but about right. Aussie delivered is nice, but still doesn't guarantee it has a great engine. Each bike, grey or Aussie, needs to be judged on its merits.
  10. Caroline is right...It's highly unlikely to be fuel...
    It is VERY likely that it is condensation, or rain water that has gotten into the end of the pipe while it was parked outside. Either way, it should disappear once the bike has warmed up sufficiently, as it will ultimately evapourate.