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Buying my first bike.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kiko, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Hey all, sorry if is this isnt the right place to post this but im not too sure where it belongs relly. Anyways i got my unrestricted license through Q ride the other day and im now im looking for a bike, at the moment I'm looking at a honda CBR 600 98 model. Ive searched the fourms and other places about the 600 and heard pretty much only good things about them but i thought i would ask here if there was anything i should look out for, I've read the guides to buying a new bike and from what ive seen of the bike it seems to be in great condition with pretty low kms. That reminds me does anyone know what a average kinda price would be for one? Ive been looking around for that as well and i think around 5000$ seems kinda normal, any thoughts?

    Anyways i dont relly know anyone whos into bikes so im just looking for a place to see if anyone has any great advice to give (that hasnt alredy been given [theres alot of information out there heh]) or mabye im just looking for a place to vent how much fun this is going to be. I realise that a 600 is a bit big for a beginer but im not out there to ride like a maniac and considering my situation i dont think a 600 is too unreasonable. But let me know what you all think thanks in advance :D

  2. Bloody smartar$e Queenslanders always rubbing it in "we have Q Ride we can ride big bikes" bastards!

    Good onya mate, I ride a 250 and have ridden a 600 around the block and if your sensible about it I don't see too many problems with the 600. But what do I know I'm just a victorian stuck on 250 for another 12 months. :mad:

    have fun
  3. im going for my Ps soon and already looking at which 600 i should buy. get an R6 coz they look pretty :LOL:
  4. Hey Kiko,

    Now, take this with a grain of salt cos I could have my bikes mixed up (I can never remember who has what!) but soon after I got my license through Q-Ride I rode my mates Honda 600 (I think it's a CBR).

    First impressions: Wow. Fun.
    But: Frickin' scary, and I can see how dangerous it'd be to learn on. The difference between it and the Suzi GS-500's in the Q-Ride course could not have been larger, and only confirmed in my mind that it's not such a good idea to learn on a powerful bike. Not necessarily because you'll deliberately do something stupid, but more because you might inadvertently get yourself into trouble -- for instance, go over a bump with your wrist at the wrong angle, jerk the throttle, and suddenly you're in a tree!

    So I ended up getting a 400 (Honda NT400 Bros, to be exact!) and it's great! Plenty of poke (much more than a 250), but not so much power as to be dangerous for a n00b. I had a ride on a CB400 Super Four (which is in your pricerange) and that was an utter BLAST! If I had've had the cash, I would've bought that one in a second. Ohwell -- next time :)

    Hope that helps, dude.

  5. Yeah, I went on chazpowerz CBR600f and it was no slouch by any means.
  6. Yeah so long as your sensible the 600 won't come back and bike you in the arse. Although the good thing about beginning on a 250 is that you can learn your throttle and brake control on a bike that is more forgiving. However if you do get the 600, just one word of advice, when you are starting out hold you hand on the throttle rotated further under than you usually would, because this means you won't accidently go full throttle when your not used to that much power. Trust me it is worth it.

  7. Gotta disagree there man,

    You and i know what can happen on a bigger bike, trying to learn on a bike that is faster than most cars on the road is not a great idea.

    get yourself a 250, hell cheap to run, insure and fix WHEN, not if you drop it.
  8. I'll second the thoughts on the CB400 Super Four. I was in the same boat and the Q-Ride instructor put me onto the CB400. Not too fast, not too slow, easy to ride, cheap to insure and a good supply of parts. Gotta beat 250ville...