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Buying my first bike. What do you think of my chices?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by BigHearny, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Hi Everybody!

    Im just getting into bikes n dont know a real lot about em but I like the look of the motard style bikes n been told by quite a few people they are heaps of fun to ride, so this is what im looking at buying -

    Suzuki DR-Z 400SM
    Husqvarna SM610/510
    KTM SMC 625/660

    also a KTM 640 Duke II looks cool but I dont think they are learner approved.

    So what do you all think? As in value for money, reliability, maintenance costs etc.

    I know the Suzuki is alot cheaper than the others but the others look so cool!

    Cheers :grin:

  2. Well, hearny, a lot depends on the sort of riding you're going to be doing.

    Every bike is a compromise and you need to recognise the compromises.

    Motards can zip through traffic like a knife through hot butter, but they generally have narrow hard seats and vibrate a bit, so they can be hard to live with on trips (although Toecutter's latest effort of 700kms in a day does tend to disprove that :shock: :LOL:).

    Nakeds don't look all racy, but tend to do most things well.

    Race-type bikes looks great but can be a pain in the wrists and the back (and also the wallet if you sucumb to temptation :).

    In the end, examine your needs, your budget and your ego, and buy what fits them best.

    And, welcome to Netrider. Put your State location in your profile so we know which set of confusing State laws we are dealing with....
  3. hornet600 summed it up very well so I will try to add something too.

    What height are you? This needs to be taken into consideration. Some of the bikes you have listed are very tall. You need to be able to hold the bike up when it is standing still and you are on it.

    How much riding expereince do you have? If not much at all I would maybe go for something that is a bit more sedate. I know we all want a go fast type but when you are new to riding a powerful bike can be a handful if not careful.

    I hope this is helps and will not muddy the water for you. :biker:
  4. Welcome BigHearny

    So your in NSW or a LAMS approve state? AFAIK, the 640 KTM is approved as a LAMS bike as it is the same engine as the 625.

    The KTM puts out some very good power, but shakes like crazy, and five speed box. There is a new 690SM version out, not yet on the LAMS list and has six speed, so worthwhile checking out.

    DRZ is very nimble at only 120kgs, but the 400 quickly runs out of puff and I got a ride on some freeway and it's light weight proved a bit of a disadvantage easily getting blown around. I'd guess the easiest to sell of all your choices though, if that's important to you.

    The 510 is pretty much race prepped, in that it has ridiculous service intervals. If you can handle that, then a great bike (but also look at a KTM 525)

    You need to ride all the bikes if you can, I've ridden them all (except the 510 Husky) and I'm still very happy with what I've got.

    610 Husky standard has; six speed, Brembo brakes, top suspension, Excel rims and with two sets of wheels, IMHO, is the ulitmate bike. Low first gear for crawling up tracks and a true overdrive 6th that you only use above 90kmh.

    They will all need a seat change for any more than an hours riding, and I've also got a Sheepy Hollow sheepskin that made my recent 1,100kms in two days pretty bearable.
  5. Cheers for the input guys, keep it comin! :cool:

    I havent had alot of ride expereince, only a few rides in the bush on an old RM250.

    Im 6'4" and bit over 100kgs so I dont think the bike being to tall will be a problem :p this is also one reason ive been looking at bikes such as these cause a want to wait untill I get my full license and got a bit of experiance so I could then look at buying a bigger race type bike instead of sending the $ on a smaller one that a will want to replace a few years down the track.

    I really like the look of the Husky 610 and it would have that bit more power aye? but the Suzuki is a fair bit cheaper(I think) and with a couple of good mods would give it that lil bit extra suerly?

    If you guys have any other sugestions please feel free to list em.

    Thanks in advance fellas :newb:

    P.S I just looked up that KTM 690SM looked f**kn trick as but id say it'd be a bit too $$ for me first bike.
  6. Nowhere near it, 610 puts out 53hp, DRZ doesn't get to 40 - this thread has some interesting reading about HP and that the "e" model DRZ puts out the more HP than the SM.

    I previously owned an 04 KLR 650, the DRZ seemed about the same in hp, but a bit more torque. I've ridden two DRZ e's - a modded one and standard, and was not that much difference.

    And you're a big boy, and you can never have too much horspower :wink:
  7. Yes :grin:

    Ride them all and more. Check out the service requirements (intervals). And remember you get what you pay for. If something is cheaper, investigate and find out why - its not always a bad thing either.

    As some have mentioned, it can be dependant on what type of riding you want to do - Not just buying a Motard is dependant on this, but also what type of Motard you plan on getting will be influenced by the type of riding you want to do.
    If you need even more in depth info, google Victorian Street Motard Riders - theres a wealth of info.

  8. Yo BigHearny

    Awesome choice of the tard for a first bike. Don't let anyone talk you out of one cause they are a top choice for a newb.

    The DRZ400SM was the bike I started on last year. Other people say it lacks in power but you won't notice that until you are wide open on the throttle and clutchless shifting 99% of the time. Riding the bike hard becomes part of the fun.

    Oh yeah I just saw ya weight ... you might need a 600 to get your thrills I reckon. The DRZSM was perfect for me but I'm only 65kg so the engine and suspension were a good match but an extra 30kg on the DRZSM would be :(

    You might consider a secondhand bike off someone who has already modded their bike for a big lad.

    Join the VSMR forum for sure.