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Buying my first bike. Help with Inspection

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kelly, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. How much is it for an inspector to check out a bike, and where do you find these people? I don’t want to have to ride the bike anywhere (I’m actually going to trailer it home if I purchase it)

    So, does anyone know a bike mechanic, or even just an experienced rider who genuinely knows what things they are looking for?
    And who will come out to the place with me, most likely in the SE suburbs after work or on a weekend, Please.
    $20 for your troubles.

    I have read the NetRider bike checklist, but still would rather somebody help me out for my 1st bike.

    --- Still no private sellers are retuning my bloody calls, or they don’t even have phone numbers on their listings. I want a bike, now! ---
  2. Definitely wise to take a more experienced rider with you and if you haven't got a licence then might be good if that person can also take it for a test ride for you
  3. There was a guy 'carding' bikes at Fri night coffee a couple of times over the last month - did anyone keep any details or just throw it away like me? I expect you pay around $60 for an inspection.

    Why? You've got your L's :)

    Do you have any particular bikes/dates in mind to look at yet? I'm not too far away from F'ston and would be willing to give an eye over a bike or 3. Would suggest though, if you haven't already, check them out yourself initially to firm-up your interest and the bikes condition. Drop me an email or PM.
  4. Go mouth, work it baby

    But seriously, im in the same boat as kelly. Dunno whether im gonna buy from dealer or private =/ We shall see
  5. One point to remember is that unlike second-hand cars less than 10 years old and 300,000Kms on clock I think it is, bikes do not have to have a statutory warranty. Buyer beware. Get the inspection done, get a friend who knows about bikes to look it over, get a friend who knows about bikes to ride it if you can't
  6. G'day Kelly, I did my licence test at Motorcycle Motion in Moorabin and they had an advertisement on the notice board for somebody who does pre purchase inspections. If you don't mind the advise, don't buy an old overpriced import advertised as a 2004 compliance and priced accordingly. (Sumoto :evil: )
    I went the ZZR250 option and I'm happy with it, I joined in with some bloody respectable bikes going up to Alexandria last weekend and maybe I wasn't as fast, but the baby"Z" did the 300 plus kliks comfortably and without a drama.

    The best advice I was given was; If you only intend to keep it till you can get something bigger then spend around $3500 -$4500 for a good, clean, reliable bike, it may not be exactly what your after but if looked after, you will get your money back when you sell it to get your big banger.

    Good luck with your search..and hope to see you riding soon.
  7. Victirian Motorcycle inspections
    (carding the bikes )
    Peter hanighan , he does work on a few people bikes and allso inspection work .
    he used to or still is an advisor for suzuki racing
    contact him on 0409169478
    I think he does a full written report etc , have a chat too him
  8. Yeah, thats him. What a shame he's a spammer and is currently banned from Netrider forums for that very reason. Personally, I wouldn't recommend him to anyone for that reason as I'd question whether his business morals were as poor as his social morals.
  9. kelly if you need a little help at picking a bike, i live in your area and i know the local shops. I have been riding for 30 years, track racing to road and the local bike shops know me, so give me your email and i'll give you my mobile number, if thats any help at all, and you can keep your $20 for fuel. Hope this could be some help to you.

  10. I think buying privately is the smart way to go...
  11. pre-purchase bike inspections

    Hi all,
    I highly recommend Motorcycle Inspection Services in Sydney, if you need help buying your first bike.I used them to inspection an RZ350 recently.They are very professional and friendly. :D
    Check out this link for more info about them:
    I hope this helps you.
  12. if he is doing work on peoples bikes and saving them $$$ and doing a good job , that should be what matters
    Theres enough of these big stores ripping riders off and givinbg shoddy workmans ship , just because he used the pm system to make people aware of his business is irralivent in my opinion .
    I wouldnt recomend him unless he was doing the right thing . And the feed back from everyone who has had dealings with him , it has been exceptionally positive on workmanship and price also .
    I thought it would be about saving money and the best deals for netriders .

    i noted that in a couple off posts where i recommended him they were deleted , why not chat with him , sort it out and get a link up in the section .
    if its going to help out riders ( us ) why not .

    just my opinion .
  13. OH WOW. I had not seen this thread. Pete did the inspection on my across as I've spoken about on the web site (go see the post from me "hello" in the new riders section. He saved me good money and did a top job on the repairs required. I would recomend him no end. As 'grobert03' has stated if this guy saves riders money and perfrom a quality job where's the problem ???????
  14. Pete didn't know the proper ettiquette when dealing with net forums, mouth. What he did previously was incorrect and I filled him in when he looked at my Across a week or two ago.

    It's not a question of social morals, rather a level of inexperience regarding the appropriate way to solicit services on an Internet forum (ie: don't).

    What he wants now is for people who are pleased with what he's done to recommend him to others. I'm cautious in doing so, as if done too much it's just as if I'm spamming on his behalf, but he is a competent and honest mechanic.

    I do wonder about this Sydney Motorcycle inspections thing though. I mean, copy/pasting a response to all pertinent threads is probably the wrong way to go to promote your or somebody else's business.
  15. I've only just joined this forum, so I thought I'd help peeps out with experience of the inspection company that I used.

    I DON'T work for them & don't have any vested interest at all.I have never met that Pete guy and have no idea what he did to upset you.
    It doesn't worry me AT ALL if you use them or not.I was obviously not aware that copying my response to a few posts was deemed to be a bad practice on these forums.I apologise if I caused any unwarranted suspicion or offence.I'm sure I'll suss how this forum thing works soon!
  16. Two-stroker... they're talking about different people. They are in VIC, we are in NSW and the inspection services/employees thereof are unrelated.
  17. I'm confused!!! Two-stroker is in sydney but pete is based in melbourne. Whats going on ?????
    Must be another guy doing inspections in sydney?
  18. You see??

    This is exactly why we need to have a Sydney section.

    Or people need to start actually filling in their location when they register and othwer people need to start reading where people are from...

    Or am I just being too logical?
  19. Oh, ok. Sorry, spot the newbie!
    I'm confused too.
    Yea, I think there must be two seperate companies, one in Melbourne, one in Sydney.
    I posted a few comments about the one I used in Sydney & I got flamed by Mipearson.
    So I dunno what's going on either!
  20. not at all...