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Buying motorbike from Ray Quincey Motorcycles?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by janz, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone, not sure if i am posting in the right forum.

    Anyway, i am considering buying a motorbike from Ray Quincey Motorcycles. (http://www.rayquincey.com.au)

    Any thoughts about this website?
    They can deliever interstate which is very good for a learner to buy their first bike.
  2. you'll probably find similar bikes for similar prices in sydney. So unless its extremely rare....
  3. the reason i want to buy a bike from them is because they can ship the bike to my door.

    most bikes on bikesales.com are located at least 150km away from where i live...

    It is difficult, especially for a learner to ride 150km back home...
  4. I bought my GSR600 from them and had it shipped to my door in Canberra about 3 weeks ago. I had no problems dealing with them and I got it for an awesome price.
  5. how long did it took to ship to your door after sending payment?
  6. I paid for it on a Monday, bike was picked up on Tue I think it was (or maybe Wed) in Melb, then delivered to me that Sat afternoon. These are the guys they use for shipping: http://motorcycleexpress.com.au/
  7. thanks DrewBytes! great info!
  8. Tok a friend there recently who bought a cbr 250 rr with tyga kit for decent price, they wouldn't haggle at all but guess that was because they felt the bke was well priced ... $6100 in the end... I was pushing for 6k flat but they drove a hard bargain and the friend wanted the bike
  9. They do drive and hard bargin there but the guys are really easy to deal with and friendly. I sold them my last bike, then looked at another to buy the same day, didnt end up going with it, cause i found another but they were keen to look after me.
  10. who did you deal with there mate?
  11. I bought my previous bike form them. As per above they didn't want to move on price however it was reasonable priced for what it was. The bike itself couldn't be faulted.
  12. Couldnt tell you off the top of my head, cOrrupt, its been awhile.
  13. No probs, just curious :)
  14. I'm too nervous of buying a bike I haven't seen thought... would any one take the plunge?
    (I have tested a friend's hornet, so I know they ride and sound awesome!)

    I just left Sydney and here in Brisbane, there's no 250 hornets!!

    I started too find few bikes on sumoto, but dropped the idea after the reviews.
    then Ray Quincey shown up with a few hornets too...

    From a past experience, I'm vey nervous about it.
    Once I bought a brand new Vespa from Scooter Central in Sydney... they delivered it dead, it would start !!
    Luckily it was spank new and Piaggio (or Peter Stevens, the importer) covered the tow truck to mechanics, even though it was SC fault and not the Vespa's. - (SC have had replaced the ignition on Vespa, but forgot to actually connect it, so it was hanging down loose and they shipped without even checking if bike started - dodgy!)

    So, if something similar happens to a used bike, I'm stuck as there's no warranty and I cannot just send the bike back to Melbourne again as it's a $800 return!

    What can I do, or ask for some reassurance or something?

    thanks for your help.
  15. Possibly, but only if it was something particularly, rare and something I was not intending on relying on for daily transport.

    Grey import 250s are far too great a risk to buy sight unseen IMO. There's simply far too many dodgy ones out there (ie repaired wrecks or bikes assembled from the remains of several others).
  16. Take a buddy with you. He can shield you in the traffic.
    However, a nice long easy ride is the best way to get introduced to your bike.

    Or take them there in the car and they can ride it back (I've done that for a couple of people before)
  17. "... he can shield you in traffic".

    I've never thought about that one!!

    150 km down south dealer offered to bring me bike home (w/ excuse he would visit a long time friend near by) although it was very generous of him, I actually planning to ride it myself on motorway, as it was mentioned here, it's by far the best intro one can get w/ a new bike!

    thanks guys for your guidance/supporting us newbies - answers are awesome!