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Featured VIC Buying interstate motorcycles

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, May 12, 2015.

  1. Say I find a cheap bike in NSW, what's the process with rego?

    Do I buy the bike and get the NSW rego transferred to my name and Vic address, then bring it home and take it in to VicRoads with a roadworthy, and set up a new rego for it? Can I get the balance of the NSW rego back?

    How does it all work? Anyone tried this?

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    Yep, bought my TRX from a guy in Sydney, sight unseen.

    You need to get a VIC RWC, when you have that, you can cancel the NSW rego & get a refund on the plates & any rego left over, you hand the plates in at Vic roads & they give you a form to send to their NSW counterparts to get the balance returned.

    Of course you could just use the NSW rego, then hand the plates in at the end assuming the seller is OK with this. That's obviously wrong & not what I did.
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  3. I have purchased 2 cars from dealers in NSW in the last few years. Basically drove them down here and then you have 2 weeks (from memory) to transfer to Vic rego, which means getting the RWC done here in VIC. Don't think you need to transfer the NSW rego out of the NSW owners name into yours necessarily, it will automatically cancel when the vic rego takes over. But if NSW owner wants any rego left over refunded that's where it could be tricky.
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  4. OK sounds like it's not much of an issue. Cheers all!
  5. Just check Vicroads website to make sure all of the above is correct lol. They have a section on buying from interstate.
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  6. It's up to NSW owner to cancel nsw rego if they want to get money back.
    No problem with you owning/riding a.couple.of weeks while still registered by them, except they get mailed any fines.
    Registering person doesn't actually need to be owner of vehicle.

    Or, cancel.rego and hand in nsw plates and get temp rego to drive back to Vic
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  7. If the seller wants to remove the plates to hand in, you get a permit that you can purchase from VicRoads before picking up the bike. You will need the vin number and other information for the permit.

    Also, don't forget insurance for on the way home. Even just a cover note.
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  8. Not sure if this applies to going from NSW but last time I brought a bike interstate(QLD) I got the rego transferred to my name and VIC address in the QLD system (with rwc for QLD). Rode back to Melb and Vicroads just transferred rego straight across, no rwc.

    That was about 5-6 years go and a bit of a battle was required at the QLD roadthingy but was all good.
    I called them up twice and spoke to different people that gave me the same answer that I was able to transfer it to my name and VIC address with the current QLD rego.
    But when I got there of course the person that I spoke to said err nope, just told them the situation and that I checked beforehand and got them to grab their manager and was sorted and off I went.

    The seller already had a RWC and was good to go so it saved me the hassle of getting a temp rego for QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and getting it reRWC here in VIC as I wanted to ride it home.

    That said if I was to do it again I'll ask for a record ID and name from the people I spoke with on the phone. lucky the Manager there was good.
  9. blimblim, it sounds like you got lucky. Our purchase (a car) was late last year from Queensland and there was none of that 'oh we'll just transfer it shall we?". Qld Safety Certificate wasn't applicable to Victoria and a Victorian RW was required within 14 days of getting the car home.
  10. Was the QLD rego in your name and VIC address?
    When I did this I spoke to both Vicroads and whatever they are called in QLD a few times and that was the main requirement.
    That said it was awhile ago so may have changed and I had to battle at QLD because the person at the desk didn't know.
  11. Not in our name. We had to transfer it to us when we got home after getting a Vic RWC despite the seller having already gotten a Qld Safety Cert, which is the equivalent to the Vic RWC.
  12. Yep that's where you went wrong, ownership transfer always requires RWC.
    You tried transferring rego in VIC, I transferred rego in the QLD system with the QLD rwc to my VIC address so when so when I transferred it to VIC I wasn't transferring ownership as it was already in my name and VIC address.

    That said again was awhile ago and it's probably uncommon.
    Just another option that people may want to look into if they want to get something interstate.
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  13. Living on the border it's commonplace to buy interstate vehicles.
    I've never had a problem buying a bike from Vic and registering it in NSW.
    It's a simple process: Buy the bike and get a receipt, get a blue slip, buy a greenslip, fill out the rego application form, take all the paperwork to the RTA and get a new rego plate.
  14. I've bought several bikes interstate and brought them back to Victoria.

    I find it easiest to cancel the interstate registration in the state I buy it and claim any applicable refund, then while I'm at that states registration office I get an unregistered vehicle permit.

    Then I ride the bike home on the unregistered vehicle permit to Victoria (or alternately freight it) and then arrange a Victoria RWC inspection (at my leisure, no 14 days because it's an unregistered bike).

    Then book the bike into VicRoads for an inspection taking along my proof of ownership and get it registered.
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  15. I purchased a bike from Qld last October so not too long ago. If they cancelled the rego like they wanted to then riding the bike around to get a roadworthy etc. would have been more of a hassle, so I persuaded them to leave the rego active for a week, then I registered it with new plates at Vicroads. Vicroads kept the Qld plates, I told the seller, and they were happy. Altogether the process was very smooth and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again if I found the right bargain bike like I did this time.
  16. Last I looked, when you sell a NSW rego vehicle you complete and hand in to the NSW RMS the notice of disposal of the vehicle section of the rego form, which is meant to cover you for any penalties incurred by the buyer after the sale, among other things.

    The easiest thing is often to fill out the buyer and seller sections and go your separate ways.

    In this case it'd mean you can ride home and have whatever period Vic says you get these days to do a new vic rego.

    Keep in mind that transferring an already registered vehicle from interstate might be a different deal than doing the same with an unresistered one, even if was regoed in NSW two days ago. I'm not sure the difference in Vic, but it's worth a check to see if it's less messing about to do it one way over the other.

    Cost of permit (and travelling in two states) versus a price drop you might get from the seller if they can hand in the plates and get some back there, plus not having a seller that wants them to go and get a pink slip, might work out better depending on those factors too.

    Also, one day permits vs the cost of longer periods comes into play unless you're all set to have the deal and ride home done in a day (and with no unexpected hold-ups).

    Where in NSW is this, Loz?
  17. In Victoria there is no way to 'transfer' an interstate registration into your name unless it's already in your name (or the name of a close family member).

    You have to de-register the vehicle at VicRoads although they're happy to do that as part of a one stop process if you rock up on an interstate registered one that is in somebody else's name. But if you do that you won't get any outstanding insterstate refund.
  18. change names in NSW = stamp duty as well. best avoided
  19. "Transferring" as in the whole taking a bike bought from another owner from one state to another deal including getting the rego in your name. Note the wording with which I aim to qualify certain points.

    I realise that you 'start from scratch' once you get home - I was alluding to something-something-etc-thread-goes-off-on-nine-different-tangents...

    How does a Vic resident even transfer NSW reg into their name, and why on earth would you do all that, then do it all again when you get home?

    Again, the simplest thing to do might be to do the deal with the seller, then ride home without any more faffing about needed than that, then do the Vic rego after you get home. That used to be the case, at least coming the other way, but I haven't done it in a while.

    Unreg permit and the like might be pointless extra details, unless, like I already said, there's enough rego left that there might be a good enough saving on the deal to be worth doing it that way instead.

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