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Buying help...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Falco, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey I am only new to the bike scene and am looking into getting a nice looking road bike. I have looked at the brand new ninja 250r and the cbr. Apparently aus is not getting the fuel injected ninjas which is dissapointing. Also I like the look of the 09 ninjas in green and the white better compared to the 2011 ones. The cbr I like is the blue/red/white but that doesn't come with abs and the new engine sounds pretty average. With the price drop with the new bikes I dunno if I should buy new or second hand. Any input would be appreciated, thanks Brady.

  2. I would buy new if you have the money. . You get a warranty, clean new bike, peace of mind for you know the bikes past and good resale value if its looked after. . dunno about abs though I would just go with regular brakes to get used to the basics of motorcycling. . that's my 2 cents. . . Happy Hunting

    p.s Get the best safety gear you can afford
  3. You'll lose about half the value of it in 2 years. not a problem if you're in nsw and you need lams for 3yrs but if you're upgrading after a year that's a fairly large hit.

    you'll get almost all your money back with a used 250 come upgrade time
  4. Buy the one you like,
  5. It all about your personal taste., every body taste is different so it up to you to decide after all you are the one going to be riding .

    Good luck on your first bike.., and stay safe
  6. Whatever turns you on the most ;)

    In this day and age pretty much all the lams bikes are a safe ride, you can't really go wrong.
  7. I would love a white ninja. I'm going to get one some way!
  8. I went new, Why? If you spent $5k on a used bike, by the time you pay rego with in a year, stamp duty, some maintenance on it like tyre and oils pads ect may need doing your not far off $6k with in a year.

    I paid $6k for my new CBR250 ride away, I wont need to pay rego stamp duty it was all covered in the price, I wont need tires, new pads or anything like that. But I have done some mods on it that you could get already on a used bike.
  9. In that market with prices being so close you should always buy new if you are in a position to do so. New or pre loved becomes a real consideration as you get into bigger bikes, there can sometimes be as much as $10,000 difference at the top end of the market.
  10. One thing when buying a near new bike to look at is major service Intervals and the K's on the bike. Majors can be quite expensive. Add a set of rubber and you are up there not far off the price of a new bike.
    Down side of a new bike is you cant do your own services without affecting your warranty.
    Ah the yings and yangs of life.
  11. two more plus's for the CBR250, its efi and has 12k service intervals.