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Buying help needed for first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bzammit, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. Hi there,
    I am new to bikes and I am going for my licence in under 3weeks.
    I have looked around at some dealerships and found 2 bikes that I really like because they look sweet and it also fits in my budget.
    So those 2 I liked were the

    Honda cbr500r 2015
    Kawasaki ER6NL 2014

    If I could get some advice between the 2 bikes would be great. Especially because I'm a taller and heavier lad.
    I am 97kilo and about 5“10
  2. Both good bikes mate, I would buy the er6nl personally, mainly so I could take the restrictor off ;-)
  3. My advice is don't buy(or even settle on) a bike before you can test ride it first. Get the learners permit and then visit as many dealerships as you can and ride as many different bikes as you will be able to.

    As for the bikes you mentioned, I would've went with ER6 as I prefer upright naked bikes. Speaking of nakeds, have you considered an MT07?
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  4. Good advice. It is possible to buy a bike which just doesn't fit. Sit on lots of them. Ride as many as you can. Consider your posture - bikes can vary widely, in the stance they require you to assume to ride them - more upright, vs more crouched. Beginner riders are usually more comfortable with a more upright bike.
  5. Definitely ride them first..... ride them all! But also be sure to get insurance quotes on the bikes you're considering..... the premiums/availability could be a determining factor!
  6. I'd go the cbr500r for sure.

    I couldn't stand the physical throttle restriction on the er6nl. I too was really really keen on one, but then test rode it.

    Haven't ridden a 500 but by all accounts they're great.
  7. Both are cracking bikes for your first, but I'd go with the Honda. Except a different model. The CB400 is a great learner bike and heaps of fun.

    As mentioned above (and countless times whenever this question comes up), test ride as much as you can. Even just sitting on the bike in the showroom gives you a great first up impression on how it's going to feel when you're on the road. If the sales guys get snooty or pushy about you sitting on a million bikes, then go elsewhere. Bike shops are everywhere, so there are plenty of options.
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  8. I had an er6nl and loved it. I removed the restriction within 2 months and it set me up nicely for the bigger bikes I now own. Very comfy bike, good riding position, nice low to mid range torque and reliable. Can't go wrong really
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  9. Both bikes are a good choice and whilst I own a Honda i am of the opinion that you need to sit down (or test ride) both bikes to see which one you feel most comfortable with.

    Both bikes appear to be pretty similar from all reviews i found, with tank range in the 350 - 380 kms region, so it will come down to personal preference.

  10. i'm a bigger dude aswell (6'1 and 120kg) and ended up first with a gs500f and now i own a mt-07. have a look at the gs500's, cheap but good bikes!
  11. Thanks everyone for the responses so far, everyone has been a great help in my choices and I will definitely try a few before I settle on one
    all the dealers I've been to so far have been pretty good and have sat on a few but I suppose just sitting on them isn't enough until I feel how they handle.
    Cheers guys
  12. Are you definitely going for a new bike? Reason for asking is that the Suzuki Gladius is absolutely bullet proof although the seat might lack a little in padding for your size. However the Gladius is not made anymore. (Stopped in 2013 I believe) Also it lacks ABS if that is important to you.

    The same engine is also in the LAMS V-Strom if you would prefer a taller relaxed seating position.

    That engine is totally bullet proof and running in a very relaxed mode with the electronic restriction. You can conceivably put an unrestricted ECU in either one as well and get full power, but I don't recommend that.

    Ironically you could get a LAMS V-Strom, ride it around for 12 months then do your open license on the unrestricted version of exactly the same bike!