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Buying Helmets from USA

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MdMa, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, is there any problems in buying a helmet from the US as far as ADR's or anything else is concerned?

  2. If it doesn't have the aus standards sticker, then legally it doesn't exist.
  3. Are the helmets any different though?
  4. Shouldn't be any problem buying them. However there may be a teensy problem with wearing them.

    They won't be legal.
  5. My understamding is that they're not legal, but they're exactly the same product as sold here. Just a different "standards" sticker attached.

    All my helmets, road and dirt (4 in total) are from either the UK or US. never had a problem.

    I understand the risk, but to me the saving are huge and totally worth it.
  6. Have an accident and suffer cranial trauma and that trauma is either caused or not minimised by your imported helmet, then legally you will not have a leg to stand on if your helmet is not endorsed under the Australian Standards, whether it is exactly the same as those sold here or not.

    You can whistle Dixie until the cows come home but will not get one red cent of compensation from the manufacturer.

    The same goes for any safety equipment, of any type and for whatever reason, used in Australia.
    Without the SAA sticker, it may as well be considered as useless.

  7. and, long bow, I know, but if someone borrows your helmet, crashes and sustains a head injury, that person may be liable for all costs, and so might you. How important is saving a few bucks, for heaven's sake???
  8. Phew, someone steal your lunch money off you today or something..?

    Like I said, I understand the risks.
  9. Typical Aussie government bullshit. Protectionism at its finest.
  10. What if I didn't like the SSA sticker on my helmet, and I decided to remove it for aesthetic reasons?

    Would I still be covered?
  11. Yeah it's a shame when we have to be protected against our own stupidity?

    Are you talking ECONOMIC protectionism? How do you figure that when all helmets sold here are made overseas :? :?
  12. Was going to respond the same!

  13. Because if they don't come through an official importer, they're illegal to ride with. Stupid bullshit that could have been avoided by saying "Euro standards are ok" or "US DOT standards are ok", etc.
  14. Well it does mean that you have to use the Australian supply chain to make your purchase, so that even though most are made in China and shipped around the world you can buy exactly the same helmet from a discount dealer in the US for half the price including shipping it back here. But you can't legally wear it...
  15. No. It is clearly stated, in Victoria at least, that no matter what, the helmet you use must have the Australian Standards Sticker on it. There are no ifs buts or maybes. To be legal it must have it. It doesn't matter if you buy a helmet from overseas that is identical in every way... if there is no sticker, it is not legal.
  16. All good points and someone, somewhere, is making a fortune. But it isn't necessarily the local shops, who whilst they make a profit, don't make that much.

    How do you deal with sizing? Or do you go to your local shop, try it on there and then order it from the US? Too much of that and there won't be a local shop to try it for size.

    I try as hard as possible to buy locally, but it'd be better to simplify the AS standards so that local importers could use the OS standard to certify their imported helmets. I know they have to submit the helmets they sell for testing and this isn't a cheap process. Perhaps if they did this, some of the cost differential could be removed?
  17. I go to the US four times a year. I'd rather buy there at half the cost.

    Even if I didn't… I got violated on one helmet purchase here already, I know my size for AGV now.
  18. What troubles me the most is that every year when we pay our registration fees, the largest fee in there is the TAC charge.

    How is it they can get away with not covering us if we don't have a sticker on our helmet even though we pay the tax every year?

    If the helmets around the world are exactly the same, retailers aren't making a huge profit, who then is making the extra money?

    Seems like Australians are getting the short end once again.
  19. No idea on that one, but please understand that the sticker or imprint is there for a reason and that it is actually an offence to remove it.

  20. No, but I am involved professionally in the fields of OH&S and Australian and International Standards.

    Just telling it like it is; please don't take offence. It's not personal. :)