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buying helmet over the net

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Wolverine, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. hi guys, i just ordered a shoei helmet over the net, i was just a bit suss
    coz i ordered from Helmet Warehouse in NSW and the guy called me to arrange a form of payment. i told him i prefered money order and i thought they would send u a bill or something but he told me to just send it and when he receives it he'll send the helmet so i was like err.. doesnt seem right. i dunno i'm always paranoid getting stuff of the net.

    i'm pretty sure its all legit but has any of you ever done it?

  2. Not a helmet, I like to try on the one I'm gonna buy.
  3. I know people who have bought from Helmet Warehouse and haven't had a problem, but I'd never buy a helmet without trying it on, whoever the merchant was....
  4. Is it much cheaper?? I need another helmet.. what Id do is try some in a shop first then order over the net..
  5. I have bought 2 helmets over net. I knew my exact size of a HJC so it was all ok.. And i saved a heap as well.. If you want to buy the unknown over the net, be sure to try it on first..
  6. well its $730 its pretty average

    but the one i specifically want is in stock at that place. but the thing is i havent actully shopped around melbourne.. i dont know of many places that would have such a variety of designs.

    with the sizes you can check at various sites that have charts but yeah prob best if u try them on first hand.

  7. Don’t know if this will help but this is how I got my helmet. I tried on a lot of helmets too see which one would fit me the best and it was the Shoei XR-1000. Then I checked out the net (I found webbikeworld to be very helpful site) and I asked a few friends about the helmet I didn’t hear anything too bad about the XR-1000. So all that was left to do was to pick a colour and find out the best price which I done on the net and The Helmet Warehouse had the one I liked a Shoei XR-1000 Joust tc5 for $610.00 postage included. I went to a local bike shop to see if they could match the price, I like to give the locals a chance of a sale. While I was there I bumped into the Shoei sales rep who was counting stock, I though lucky me I might get a good deal here, I told the rep about the helmet I wanted and the price I could get it for at The Helmet Warehouse well that’s where my choice of helmet nearly ended. The Shoei rep told me they don’t make the Joust tc5 anymore and that I will not find any in Australia and I was also told that The Helmet Warehouse is a rip off too. I went home and checked the net (Netrider forum and Google) about The Helmet Warehouse to see if there was anything bad about them and didn’t find anything bad so I checked out there contact address and it was the same address as in the yellow pages so that means they should be real. So I rang them to confirm if they had a Joust tc5 for $610.00 including delivery they said yes and 2 working days latter I had it in my hands. I’m not paid by or work for The Helmet Warehouse but I found them to be very helpful and quick, which is more than I can say for the Shoei sales rep. Just be careful and check out any site that you have found on the net before you hand out any money and I have found the Netrider forums are a good place to start
  8. I've bought an XR1000 from the helmet warehouse (Yagoona) for $585 direct. I couldn't find a cheaper price anywhere in Sydney, not even close. They even threw in some armour which I needed for my jacket for free! They are good guys.