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Buying grey import car 2nd hand

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by halifax, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Im going to inspect a car on the weekend, which is a grey import.

    For an aus delivered 2nd hand car, i realise i would look at the vin, engine number etc, but is there anything additional i should be mindful of with an import.

    The guy says he has all the import papers (he didnt import it himself though) but i wouldnt be sure what to look at anyway!
  2. Try and get the reports for the car from the auction sales - it may be in japanese but the mileage will be recorded

    The japanese auction system is very honest and honourable so what is on the aution inspection report will be the correct and real information
  3. Really? I've heard the mileage is almost always bollocks (on modified cars anyway).
  4. Main thing is to ensure it's legitimately licenced as, in order to be licenced, it would have needed all the import paperwork.

    So a REVs check, and make sure all the numbers match the rego papers and you should be OK.

    If it's anything like the imports we've been seeing in WA for the last few years though, it'll be overpriced rubbish, so be very careful about the condition inspection.
  5. They write what is on the odometer - dealers change the readings not the auction house

    Thats why always ask for the auction listing and sale papers
  6. Checkout the aus compliance plate and do the standard checks on the car.... not much to it really if it has already been registered in NSW (i see your from Syd).

    What kind of car you looking at, as there are some common things to lookout for when purchasing certain cars (i.e. wannabe drifter damage on silvias/skylines, seals around rear windows for the R32's, annoying HICAS systems, etc...)

    I've got some pretty good info on S13 Silvia's, including measurements you can use between reference points under the bonnet to check if the front is straight etc...

    If you buy it stick your hands down into the guards in the boot and post up what cool jap stuff you find.
  7. Yeah show us the bonus hello kitty stuff
  8. Be sure to check out what mods have been done. The turbo boys are renown for doing half arsed jobs. The car could be running stupidly lean or similar. Better a completely unmodified car than one with suspect history.
  9. Before going much further I'd check with the local supplier (nissan, mazda whoever) and the auto spares stores to find out the availablility/price of parts.
  10. Unmodified is definitely best.

    Japanese are skimpy on maintenance meaning fluids like hydraulic, auto trans fluid, CVT fluid are never replaced. Dont buy a CVT skyline for example......

    Also if you buy a turbocharged car definitely try to find a stock one.

    But the biggest thing is parts availability. Let us know what car it is. Nissan is usually helpful when sourcing imported parts and fluids, but havent heard the same about toyota or honda.

    The ECU tune is usually safe in stock form, its the turbo bearings you need to be concerned about if someone has wound up the boost.
  11. Yeah, parts availability and ease of obtaining insurance are probably the least enjoyable aspects of owning a grey import.

    Unmodified is *always* best.
  12. Cheers guys, what im taking away from what everyone has said that it really is the same.

    I have no interest in s13s, s15s, r32's etc, they look cool but i dont trust the way they have been driven and maintained, plus they are getting older now!

    Should be ok i think, the car has been registered in nsw recently, ill be sure to check all the plates to make sure everything is a go.

    Only disadvantage is its a honda, point taken regarding availability and price of parts, as well as insurance.

    Hopefully ill be able to post pics of me sitting in it soon (but hopefully not sitting by the side of the road in a puff of smoke)!