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Buying gear via online store

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lightassassin, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've been going to the local stores and finding gear I like (was looking at spending 2k including helmet). I'll split this into 2 parts, helmet then rest of the gear.

    I've been using a mates Shoei and I find it fantastic, so I found a model I like at thehelmetwarehouse. I'm curious as to peoples experience with them, I searched the forums and didn't see anybody having issues, is this correct? Seems the previous models go for far cheaper ($200+) then the local stores (team moto etc..) and would fit the bill. I was looking here as it's a Au site and with a helmet I assume I'm correct in needed the ADR rating?

    Secondly, I came across the ridersdiscount site from my poking around here (old post though from 2006-7) but I am curious to check if they are still good. Found a nice set of Alpinestars pieces Jacket, gloves, boots and a nice set of Joe Rocket leather pants. These retail over here for ~$1600 total but through the site including postage it comes to $965. Fantastic value if I do say (and I thought I'd have to tell the missus my gear was going to go over budget *shakes in his boots*).

    So any advice on either of the sites, warnings to just good dealings would be fantastic help.

  2. Mike from ridersdiscount will look after you...just check the availability of items you want.
    shame your wife is like that when it comes to protecting yourself out there.
  3. i just ordered some a* gp pro gloves from riders discount yesterday.
    so will let you know in a bout a week,i hope.. :grin:
  4. thats good to hear,they said they shipped my gloves on the 21/7/08. have been a bit worried with there lack of tracking.. :eek:hno:
    feel much better now. :)
  5. I bought some gear from ridersdiscount and it was the wrong the size. I emailed Brain back twice to ask if I could swap sizes twice over a period of a week and got no response. I sent him a third 2 word email a couple of days after that, the first word started with the letter "f" and the second word was "you". I got a limp response back within ten minutes.

    They are cheap and will send the stuff you order. Allow a couple of weeks for it to arrive but be 100% sure of your sizing as returns are a bit hit and miss. I'm now selling the stuff I bought off him at https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=841235#841235

    Note Brian and Mike run all these ebay stores
  6. got my gloves yesterday from riders discount! i ordered on 19/7 they shipped them on 21/7 got them 29/7.. very good. :cool:
  7. I just got some Alpinestars SP1 gloves, and some Sidi Vertigo boots off newenough.com, paid less for both of them delivered, than the cost of the boots alone here.

    They also provide you with tracking from the USPS, which shows the last time your package was registered at a specific location. Ordered them on monday, had them on tuesday the following week. Not bad service at all.