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buying gear overseas

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by patske, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Hey guys I really want this Jacket!!!!
    Buying overseas works out cheaper than buying here, so I was thinking sizing. Are any Joe Rocket Jackets I find at a store gonna be approx the right size for me? I'm normally a medium in just about everything So in leathers I'm thinkin I'll be a pretty small size. 42" i'm guessing I don't have tape measure on me cuz I'm at work. Anyone else ever bought overseas? If so what websites have you used, obviously I'd rather go with something tried and true that will deliver than a new site. The site below I just found but the jacket is perfect, however I am willing to compromise on a jacket for the reassurance that it will arrive in quick time.

  2. I still haven't figured out all the customs issues/GST/whatever... I know sometimes they can mark it as a 'gift' which can get around it... anyone else bought leathers o/s?
  3. This particular jacket isn't available on the Aussie site, but why don't you give them a ring and ask if it's coming here? That way you could try it on and make sure it fitted. www.joerocket.com.au
  4. I've inquired to the aus distrubutors a few of their items, they weren't in a hurry to get them in - sometimes going o/s is the quickest way. It is a good idea to get the sizing right first - go and try some rocket stuff on in bike shops.
  5. <sigh> it's the "small market" syndrome killing us again. Yeah, go and try a similar Joe Rocket jacket on, so you know your sizing; that's a lot of money to spend for a quick result that doesn't fit properly!!!
  6. here is an interesting comparison of prices in Europe.
  7. awesome looking jacket! pricey though, ahh well you get what you pay for. :)
  8. If it comes via post (usps -- >> aus post) its $1000 before you pay duties or gst.

    If it comes via UPS, Fed EX its about $250 then you get slugged all the info is avail on the customs web site ---->>click here<<----
  9. Yeah - I was looking at getting Jordan a 2 piece suit and gloves from motorcycle-superstore, but by the time shipping and taxes were added, it worked out far less cheaper than I had originally anticipated. You could get it sent to a friend in the US (if you have one) and get them to ship it to you independently as a gift or whatever....

    Action Motorcycles & Sydney City Motorcycles both stock Joe Rocket gear for you to try on...
  10. bah, it's my bday in november I'll leave plenty of brochures with highlighted leather jackets lying around the house, and other peoples homes for that matter.
  11. There's a place in Melbourne that has come up on the forum a couple of times where you can buy a 2-piece leather suit with armour and all for $550.00. I know Joe Rocket stuff is COOOL, but that's a lot of money in comparison.
  12. I bought a joe rocket GPX suit from ebay a few months ago. Customs got hold of it, cost me $140 extra. All up it was only $150 cheaper then i could have got it here, and i have no warranty or recourse if something goes wrong with it.
    The company i bought it from have since gone bust, ripping off about 80 people in the process.
    I was lucky.
    remember buyer beware, it's a long way to take it back.
  13. That'd be Torrini (Black Rose) Leathers, as seen here:

    Can't vouch for them myself, but CAN vouch for Underdog Leathers:

    Got a suit from the last Wednesday, and apart from still being quite stiff, it looks very well made, and fit is good. I expect after wearing it in, I'll be sitting pretty in a perfect fit custom 2-piece, all for $770, w/ sliders. Underdog offers Netriders a 10% discount.

    Brand-names may be cool... but how much cooler is a few extra hundred in the wallet? :LOL:

    Oh, speaking of brand names, Joe Rocket made me some shitful gloves. Waterproof my arse, and they were falling apart from day one. :p