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Buying Gear Online…?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by JtS, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. EDIT: Subject line!

    Disclaimer: Mods, feel free to move this if appropriate.

    I’ve noted, on a number of occasions, posts (usually in reply) heralding the virtues of buying gear overseas. Details are rarely provided.

    Now, I’m all for buying local when it is reasonable to do so, but if (particularly given the strength of the dollar) we can save 30% +, well…

    This post is not intended to spark debate on the above point.

    What I’m getting at is, if you’ve recently (say, in the last 6 months) purchased gear overseas:

    1. What did you purchase?
    2. Where did you purchase it from?
    3. What did you pay (relative to rrp and sale price in AUS)?
    4. Was postage included/ How much was it?
    5. Would you do business with them again?

    I’d love to start, but I haven’t had any experience with overseas purchases (bar eBay, and it was non-bike related).

    So…..sharing is caring!
  2. Ive always found you get what you pay for in a way.
    If it costs less $ from overseas, then its because there's
    a chance it is lower quality, or shipping time is inconvenient,
    or no ability for return/refund, or etc.

    The only exceptions I've found is buying unusual aftermarket
    bits for old bikes direct from the manufacturer of the parts,
    because they just ain't available here.
  3. Beyond the normal risks you only have to be aware that if it's clothing you're buying, you can't try it on.

    Now some scurilous souls go to local dealers, try on a particular jacket, etc, then buy that size and model overseas, which is good economics, but it's ethically pretty pov, in my opinion.
  4. It's also risky for size, because many good brands make different cuts for different parts of the world to suit the different population. Look at Arai's website, they proudly announce that they make different shape helmets for different regional head shapes (eg asia vs europe vs usa).

    And you all wonder why dealers won't order in stuff for you to try on anymore... unless you pre pay it...
  5. ...granted, this post hasn't produced the responses I was hoping for, but seriously:

  6. Recently bought a K&N Air Filter from the States.
    Cost me $79.00 AUD delivered to my door.
    Genuine article and very happy with it.
    Aus site comparison: Zpower $149.95 before delivery
  7. See my thread on Aprilia parts...Absolutely Briliant :grin: