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Buying gear in Sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by rossc0, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. If this has already been covered, sorry,but cant find the search button :?

    Any opinions on the best place in Sydney to kit yourself out, head to toe, either best range or best price?



  2. MCAS still have their birthday sale until next friday.
  3. Yes MCAS is good. Actions Motor and BikeBiz are also ok.
  4. As said above ,all 3 at parramatta are 100meter of each other .

    Shop around at the 3 you can easly save $300 from one shop to the other.
    For basicly the same gear and brands.
  5. My favourite spot is Motorcycle Accessories Warehouse in Castle Hill. Their website isn't that flash (www.maw.com.au) but the actual store is good, prices low, and the staff are really knowledgeable & friendly - won't make you feel like a n00b even if you are. Having said that, I think MCAS is better stocked. Just got some gloves from there today.
  6. My advice is to shop around.

    One store might be discounting helmets whilst another will have discounts on jackets etc. I don't believe that there is one store that is ultimately cheaper than the other, as I imagine that they couldn't sustain the loss for long and would wind up outa business pretty quickly. Sure you get store with less overheads etc, but I think that 3 in Parramatta keep each other pretty honest.

    Parra is a pretty good place to start. All shops are close and within easy walking distance. To be honest, I have bought gear from all 3 in the last 12 months.

    Just my 2 cents....
  7. Cheers for that guys, looks like a trip to parra's the go.

  8. Good luck, I went there today to buy flip face helmet and winter gloves.

    I ended up riding into Wentworth Street, service good at MCAS Parra, but I wanted a Nolan, but they didn't have my size. He rang up for me and City had one so rode in for it. Gloves were only 10% off @ MCAS

    Also got Rivet gloves from Action in town which were 20% off - same as Parra.

    The jackets, pants and heaps of full face helmets were surprisingly cheap at all places I went.