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Buying gear - here or in the US?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Amazone, May 30, 2012.

  1. Any thoughts on buying protective gear in the States? I have a helmet, gloves and slix but still looking for a jacket and boots that fit. Should I persevere here or hunt in California in August. I don't have a bike yet so it's not critical

  2. Are you going to California in August? I'd definitely compare prices but the only thing stopping me would be the whole returns thing. If you buy them over there, bring them back and they turn out faulty, you might have a hard time getting them replaced/fixed. From what I've seen some stuff is cheaper in the US, it's just the shipping that's the killer. So if you can pick it up cheaper and you're not worried about returns, I'd definitely look into it.
  3. Hi Amazone,

    Suggest you really do your homework on what you want first. While things are cheaper in the US there is not as much in it as you might think for good gear. You should be able to use sites like -


    To get a good idea about how much things are in the US.

    Once you have a better idea about what brand and model you want come back and post that up. There are a lot of people on here who buy gear from OS and depending on specific brand there are stand out sites to buy from. See this thread as an example


    You have to get to about the middle of the tread to see comparisons between sites etc.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers Jeremy
  4. Hi meags, yes I'm going in August and will visit at least once a year until 2016. The returns thing would be an issue. I hadn't thought about faults etc.
  5. Thanks Jem, I'll have a look.

    Very impressed with the advice and support here on NR. Not to mention the banter.
  6. Hi,

    Pleasure, any thing you want to know just ask. I only started ridding in Feb and spent a lot of time on here and the net looking at items before I selected each one of the things I have now. Still more to get but one thing at a time.....

  7. I know I got stuck buying something os that was faulty, the cost to send it back for a return/refund just wasn't worth it.

    How are you finding the slix Amazone? I've got the skins and while they're comfortable, they look awful. Pity someone can't just make a decent pair of Levis-like jeans that have the protective stuff in them. I'm going to try the slix and the minx next time I'm in Melb but I'd be interested in someone else's opinion on them. On the same subject, you might find that you're too cold in winter riding in jeans. I find, even with merino thermals under my jeans, the wind seems to go straight through them. That might be just me though - I'm a hopeless case in winter.
  8. Me too I hate the cold. I got the black ones that look like waxed denim. I haven't ridden in them yet so can't say how they go but they look good and unlike the other ugly jeans they fitted well and were long enough in the leg. I figured I needed to kit myself out before I get a bike and didn't wear them to get my Ls cos I didn't want to look like a tool if I was hopeless after 25 years off a bike. Used the schools helmet for the same reason! Will let you know once I get out there but I think they are probably warm weather dacks. I'm thinking that leather might be the go on cooler days?
  9. I'm probably not the person to ask given my aversion to the cold, but I'm finding my leathers aren't keeping me all that warm. I stuff about as much as I can under them (which, surprisingly, is a lot :D) and I still struggle to stay warm enough. I find it's more about what type of riding I'm doing. If it's the slowish stuff around town (don't do a lot of that to be honest) then I'm OK with the cold. Any long range, 100km/hr stretches and I just get colder and colder in the leathers.

    I don't get cold much at all in my textile stuff which may have something to do with the way I'm padded up like the michelan man. I went for a couple of rides recently that started around 5 degrees and didn't get much over 10 for the day and I did best with the textile gear at those temps. Again, just me. I'm having heated grips fitted at the moment so it will be interesting to see how they go. It's a real trial and error thing for me.
  10. Dunno bout riding gear. But their cloths suck. They seem to have this real box like cut, s'why they all look like sponge bob square pants I guess
  11. No-one wants to look like sponge bob (not on purpose anyway).
  12. Harley gear can be cheaper here at peter stevens
    Boot jackets cheaper than rest of world but you must
    Check there web price cos store price is higher unless u quote
    Web price
    Thats if ur into cruiser type gear ...
    Are u a cruiser girl ?
  13. Thanks Phil, I'll check it out. I thought I was more a cruiser kind of girl but I'm leaning towards the Ninja 650 at the moment. Just seems to fit me better.
  14. Have a look at the ER-6 - same bike but naked!
  15. I didn't find prices that much cheaper in the states.. however, the selection was fantastic! Being such a large market, stores carry so much more gear - all the sizes, brands and colours.. not just a small selection.

    All in all, I would highly recommend a visit to Revzilla in Philadelphia - fantastic shop.
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  16. What about the UK sites? There economy is back into recession and you might find some good deals on their sites. Just a thought..
  17. US is always cheaper. Australian retailers don't have the sales volume to offer pricing like in the US. And also certain brands regulate the pricing based upon regions. Also $ being closer to parity also helps.

    Just pick a 1 piece suit as an example and you'll see the difference. Also some shops in the US have $50 flat shipping cost anyway. But helmets you have to buy here unless you want to risk the fines.