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Buying gear from the states??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by honeybeesweet, May 30, 2007.

  1. Hi all... been checking out a few amercian websites for gear but i was wondering if they are any good or legal to use in australia or should i stick to buying my gear from australian sellers?

  2. If you know the brand and you know what size fits (hard for us fat bastards) you can save heaps. But one bad deal will remove those savings. It depends if you think the risks are worth it which is an individual thing.

    Nothing illegal except for helmets must meet Aust Standards.
  3. i know that you have to have a australian standards sticker on your helmet for it to be legal so would buying a helmet from the states be out of the question?
  4. that avatar.... :shock:
  5. yep, helmets are out of the question, everything else is ok. Just remember you maybe required to pay tax on it when it arrives
  6. Not if you're wearing it :grin:
    If I meet up with Mrs 2wheelsagain over there in a couple of months I'll be wearing a heap of gear.
  7. You can purchase anything up to the value of AUD$1000 worth of goods in one go from overseas and have it delivered without incurring any additional taxes or charges through customs.

    As long as you are buying from someone reputable, its a great way to save yourself significant $$$.

    And the other thing to bear in mind - if the gear you are looking to buy is clothing or footwear, if its something that you can buy here also, try it on here first to make sure of the size. I'm somewhat leery of buying clothing online without having been able to try it on first, especially given how wildly sizing can vary with different manufacturers.
  8. most of the things i was thinking of buying from the states i have seen here so i will be able to try them on but it just seems so much cheaper buying them online
  9. Buying overseas is much cheaper esp with the strong Aussie $$
    Just be very sure that you won't need to return for different sizes or stitching coming apart, button fell off, etc ... it happens.

    Having to return stuff is a pain, you loose out with shipping coz customer pays for it 99% of the time. Getting it here and getting it back and then here again. Of course you could always flog your non-fitting stuff on NR :p but you still lose out.
  10. what sites have you been checking out just out of curiosity? I'm looking to get some dainese gear. So i've been looking at kneegraggers and newenough. found any other good deals?
  11. mmm spread the word on reputable sites, guys!!
  12. Ask and ye shall recieve:


    This guy is a good friend of mine (founder of a club I used to ride in over there). As an internet storefront he is interested in getting into the Australian market - he asked me to spread the word - tell him "vagrant" sent you. I have bought stuff through him and my experience is he will go out of his way (within reason) to assist in ensuring you are happy with your buy. However, ALWAYS if posssible try locally before you buy. He has also claimed in the past to have the best prices on the net (excluding closeout items).

    I can testify this guy is a good guy and has always done well by me (bought almost all my gear thru him), however I will not take any personal responsibility for someone feeling they got a raw deal.

    Happy hunting! :cool:

    PS, he should be happy to write "GIFT" on the postage box to ensure you pass through customs A-O-K.
  13. I've used newenough and they are great, especially their shipping rates. They also have great return policy for international customers.
  14. +1

    I have also bought gear from NewEnough.com and I was pleased with everything.
    The only other gear I've bought online was from KneeDraggers.com and their shipping was extremely quick.
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  17. I've been looking here http://www.motocard.ad/ I think they are from Spain. Never used them so no idea what they are like, but intending on getting some gear from them pretty soon. They have a very extensive range. And one of the few that i've found that sell Dainese gear
  18. Another is www.bikebandit.com These guys are great, but yes once you get burnt it leaves a very sour taste in our mouth..

    Just got burnt to the the tune of $800 for exhaust system off ebay..
    about to lodge paperwork with FBI. :evil:
  19. Thats sucks dude.

    Ebay can be a bit dodgy at times. Personally I only buy big ticket items with my credit card. When its a credit card transaction your pretty well protected. Crap can still go wrong but you have recourse to get your money back.

    Not a huge fan of direct acct transfer transactions unless their little amount
  20. Mate was a paypal trans from my cc.. So be very careful even with paypal..