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Buying gear from ebay?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mdwallin, May 15, 2011.

  1. I'm a poor student so when buying things the first place I look is ebay. But, should I really just skip ebay and go straight in store?

    Places like:

    just look so much cheaper!


    This website looks pretty cheap as well, but I'm not sure what materials the jacket is meant to be made of?
    What's the difference between Polytitanium(blah blah blah) and 'premium leather' or something?

  2. go to store to try on for size, buy online
  3. i've bought on ebay from america, but in my case it was the ebay store of a regular bike accessory shop
  4. be more item specific and we will try and advise you
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  5. that e-bay store has some good stuff btw, clever noob.
    kore industries gloves, nice find.
  6. Riders Discount is a US based store and is a well known as well. If you know what you want (brand, size etc), you can just order a lot of your gear online (well, except helmets) at shipping costs of $25 (which compared to other stores is a pretty good pricing).

    The other brand KORE is a new brand and I've have seen some of their items at one of the stores here but as its new, I cant comment on their quality. Plus KORE doesnt even have their own website (at least I couldnt find any info on Google) so ....
  7. for gloves, just go Takamii.....for sizing just try on the A* GP Pro glove. Great service when I bought mine and very competitive price too.
  8. Yep.
    We bought a shite load of gear from them and only paid $25 delivery.
    Excellent communication from them as well.
    I found their prices to be pretty competitive too.
  9. Thats right. I'm yet to buy anything but have made 2 inquiries and the replies were prompt and exact. Very impressive.

    I'm looking at a specific leather jacket (Brand River Road) from their website which I might order. Not sure yet as cant decide. :)
  10. the real bargains on e-bay are second hand brand name gear in good nick.
  11. nah, they're not new. some of their old stuff is crap though. only in recent years have been making stuff to sell on Euro, UK markets and meet the CE standards to do so. some of the stuff on that e-bay store is old crap, but those gloves for 80 bucks are pretty good tech wise, gel under hard knuckle protection and schaphoid protection. . not a bad choice for a noob on a budget just looking for cheap starting out stuff. would cost 60 bucks postage from the UK. value for money anyway.
    i've tried on a pair yonks ago, sizing runs small. if inbetween sizes go up.
    heres the website >http://www.cobija.biz/
  12. river road is cheapish in quality
  13. this was one of the oddest messages i've ever read on a forum.

    Thanks for the tips guys! Very much appreciated :)
  14. Really? That's nothing.
    Welcome to NR :LOL:
  15. Crap! I thought that looked pretty good.

    I'm looking for a leather jacket with removable armour, inner lining etc and something that will not break the bank. Any brand suggestions?
  16. hard to say, fits can vary dramatically in leather jackets. something you should really try on, move around in, sit down etc. probably best to find one you like in a local store, then source it on line for the best price, add postage, print it out, go back to store and see what they"ll do you for.
    what you may find though is a lot of the top end brands, nice leathers, in stores here currently, are being run out o/s to make room for new stock.
    riders discount has older spidi stock.
    i think revzilla and newenough have some older *A stock.

    riding position plays a big part too in the jackets cut. most of the river road stuff is retro design, better suited for more seated upright, cruisers and such. typically a more relaxed fit, good in a way because it can double as a casual jacket (untill you try to tuck over in one). whereas some jackets have a more sportsbike orientated cut, for a more aggresive riding position, with extra length in the sleeves, accordian panels etc.

    assuming you like the river road type cut/design, i'd probably look around for the *a NYC jacket or similar. rev'it make a nice retro style too, but with modern armour/features. so do Dainese, but dear. Spyke is another lesser known, but good italian brand. thing is with the italian leathers, Euro sizing is ****ing wierd, really need to try it on for fit. shift vantage or vendetta, being flogged of with all the other shift gear, if you can find your size still avail somewhere.

    but it's your tastes, not mine, i'm an Icon whore
    it's an item that will last you a very long time, so you want it to fit perfectly.