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Buying gear for the first time

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Devery, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Firstly, I bought my first bike on Friday! :) And I would like to thank everyone who helped me here while I was looking, but especially Mattb. Champion.

    Ok... I'm undecided on a few decisions when it comes to gear. I have a few questions, if anyone can help any of them I would be much appreciated!

    For the jacket, I want a Brando leather jacket. I'm quite small, so probably xs will be the only size that fits me, not sure. Where would be the best place to buy one? I want to try one on before I buy it... eBay has good prices, but I doubt the fit. Matt showed me a place in Port Melbourne that does fittings and they sell on eBay, so that may be the option. But if anyone has more ideas?

    For pants, I'm torn between the draggin jeans or the kevlar long johns that go under any pants. Anyone tried the long johns? do they get quite hot when not riding?

    Helmet. What are your opinions on flip up helmets? The nolan 102 looks good.

    Boots. I have some leather boots, like RM Williams. Would you recommend I buy some proper motorcycle boots or would these do? Or are there motorcycle boots designed like the RM Williams style.


    And lastly (I think), gloves. I want the most simple leather gloves I can get!

    Thanks in advance all! :)


    My new 1973 CZ 175! :grin: :grin: :grin:


  2. well id certainly recommend some proper motorcycle boots. the ones in the pic you posted wouldnt protect you, look at where your ankle is, that elastic section would rip off and your ankle would then be exposed in a slide. yeouch!
  3. Yeah, I suspected that would be the answer to that one... haha. Anyone know of that style boot suitable for riding?

    (just called the owners and the bike is being delivered on wednesday! :) )
  4. the place in port melbourne is OK. My first jacket was one of theirs that I got second hand and it looks like it will last forever. you can bargain with them. Prefer fabric for touring now so I don't wear it much. Try starider for boots and maybe pants.
  5. I was recommended and bought Dririder Assen leather gloves. They fit the bill by the sounds of what you are after. Cheap, well made, comfortable, good feel, basic and they have a great visor wiper suede section on each first finger that works well to wipe rain spots off your visor. Kevlar palms etc for abrasion resistance.

    Padded style impact protection rather than plastic/carbon etc like the racing type ones though.
  6. The Nolan N102 is great, but you might want to use earplugs for extended rides; the helmet is noisy.

    They ventilate okay and the dual visor works well, but make sure it's securely locked at the sides.

    Only buy an N102 if it fits you well, and choose a snug fit, as the enlarge a bit with wear. They fit my head properly (this is Nolan number 2 for me) but don't suit everyone.

    Cool bike, by the way. Have fun. A pair of hiking boots might do the trick?
  7. As far as boots are concerned, gsxxer is right.

    Personally, I ride a daily commute and can't be arsed wearing motorcycle boots because then I would have to change them when I get to uni/work. So I bought some black leather full-lace-up workman's boots that cover the ankle completely. They provide a low level of impact protection and moderate level of abrasion resistance. I lace them up fairly tight but they are still fairly comfortable.

    On the other hand, my friend who also rides a daily commute to uni/work bought himself a pair of AlpineStars. What he has over my boots is that there is zero chance his ankle will flex and snap when the bike falls on him in a crash. But he has to change out of them once he gets to his destination.

    As far as helmets go, the Nolan N102 is a solid helmet and a great buy. Having that flexibility of flipping it up when at a servo or milkbar is worth the extra dough. I bought the Nolan N84 (one helmet down in the Nolan hierarchy) and really like it, especially the dual visor system. Ultimately, you need to buy the helmet which fits your noggin the best.

  8. In terms of helmets I have the Shark s800 (dfrnt paint job though)


    It has dual visors and is great. Only issue is that the visors seem to wear quicker than normal as any schmut in between the two visors causes scratches easier (they must rub together a bit).

    Comfy, handy and surprisingly little wind noise when second visor is up.
  9. Ray Quincey and Motorcycle City in the CBD have used jackets. I wear the long-johns, they're no hotter than other riding pants (probably cooler) and are more comfortable. I like them so much I'd be buying the shirt to match if I didn't dig my Brando jacket so much. If you've got cash, then no questions buy one with armour, or with the pockets for the armour at least. Get a good fit, but one with enough space to fit a back protector should you decide to get one. (Ever since eating too much chocolate my back-protector's stopped fitting!). For boots, those things will probably come off in a spill - get lace-ups - I wear army boots: $100, lasts a year of daily wear, and I wear them to work; if needed you can keep them polished. Bi-cycling aside, I've never had a shoe lace get caught in anything on the bike either. QuaterWit, whom you'll meet no doubt, has a great pair of tall shiny black bike boots, with steel soles. The height of fascist fashion, they cost him $200 but he had to order from the U.S. (He also has the jacket and pants from Black Rose, teh place in Port Melbourne - you could ask his opinion). Gloves, $30 summer gloves from Mars are great - I've bought them repeatedly. Winter, don't get those ugly modern things (most modern things to do with bikes are ugly!), get a set of classic gauntlets. Cheap on eBay. And buy some synthetic or woolen gloves to wear under them.

    Helmet? Wot he said! I gotta add, and I don't give no shite wot atgatt nazis say (or rather rehearse and repeat), once you've ridden for a while and aren't crashing, it's very nice to have an open face for relaxed slower jaunts as well. But a flip-up might cover both uses well - I'll be buying one next time.

    That's a cool cool bike!
  10. Is it a great idea buying a leather jacket as your first when we're going into summer?

    You'll be buying a 2nd jacket within 2 weeks. It's great having a leather jacket when you know you're gonna be pushing it on a ride. But riding in 40 degree heat in anything but a well vented textile jacket on local roads is gonna get way too hot for comfort.
  11. i got a pair of OXSTAR with torsion control, comfy as to walk around in......

  12. these are a pair of Joe Rocket gloves, plain black. pretty comfey, these are my second pair of gloves when. simple and easy.


    Joe Rocket Highside Gloves Black/Black^^
  13. To reinforce what the others have said; slip-on slip-off Blundies are about the #1 worst choice one could possibly make for motorcycling footwear.

    Not only will the elasticated sections provide no impact or abrasive protection to your ankles in a crash; the boots will be flung off of your feet faster than you can kick off your shoes after a long hard day at work, leaving your feet and lower legs totally exposed to the road, gutter, cars, flying motorcycles and other hazards at 60+kph. Baaaaaaad idea.

    Motorcycle touring boots are secure, protective, comfortable to wear all day and often look conservative enough to wear around the office too.
  14. I have a Nolan N102. I think it is a little noisy
    The flip face is great and I use it all the time at servos etc. Rarely take the helmet off when filling or paying and never had anyone challenge me or ask me to.

    Wasn't so impressed with the double vizor system though. I usually wear sunnies on all but the dullest days so used to have the dark vizor up during the day anyway and obviously up at night. I felt that when it was up it tended to rattle slightly at any speed which annoyed me. No biggie though, since I virtually never used it, I simply removed it.

    All in all I am happy with it, but then I haven't had too many helmets to compare with.
  15. Perfect chance to make my first post. :)

    I am a newbie (got my L's 2 days ago) and still don't have a bike but I guess any input is helpful.

    On the weekend I bought my own pair of boots. Choosing the DriRider Nordic style as they are conservative looking, and comfortable. I haven't had a chance to actually ride with them yet but just walking around and getting used to them has been quite enjoyable.
  16. I think it depends on the person, for example I find that the leather jackets and pants are actually really comfortable regardless of the weather (been in stop and go for a couple of hours in the heat) whereas my friend hates them because he gets really hot in them.

    Devery, I reckon you should try the leather jacket on in the store for a while and see if you find it comfortable, if you do definitely get the leather. But look for one that's perforated with a winter lining if you can

    p.s that's not to say textile won't protect you, but if your comfortable in leather then go leather.
  17. As always, the answer to this questions is WWBD? - What Would Brando Do? I think you know the answer!

    Do you think Johnny went out scrambling with the Rebels in textile??
  18. Haha! WWBD is going to come in handy I think! "A picnic? man you are too square. I have to straighten you out". What I really need is my name on a brando jacket, just like Johnny.

    Thanks everyone, some good ideas. I'm going to see how much shopping I can done on the weekend...

    I think its a good point to get a helmet that fits, thats important, but I'll be looking at a Nolan 102 for sure. I just need to try everything on, see whats comfortable.

    Thanks again!

  19. Where (preferrably west of melb) could I find a pair of these long-johns?

    That's exactly the sorta thing I'm after
  20. LOL.

    To the OP do what scar6270 said. I have leathers and textile gear, but can't wear leathers unless I maintain an average speed of at least 60km or so on a 30 degree day, it just gets WAY too hot. So if you're doing plenty of commuting, make sure you try out some leathers in some heat before you jump in and grab them, or you may find yourself back in the shop the next week buying another jacket. And the least comfortable you are wearing your gear, usually means you're less likely to want to wear it and protect yourself. So a quick trip up the shops? Nah don't worry about the jacket I'll be fine... etc etc