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buying from usa

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by just_cruizin, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. l have found a site called West end Motorsports in good old USA has any one bought stuff from here l havent bought from over seas before and was wondering if it was safe too do so from this site

  2. Yes I happen to have heard of this one store about of 50000 online usa stores, give them all your money.


    Seriously though, get shipping insurance if you can - otherwise its a risk you have to evaluate.
  3. thanks for the tip

    they say they provide ins as part of the sale price was hopeing to find some one that had delt withs this company before or some other company that could be trusted
  4. I have put up a sticky thread for you guys to help you out with O/S purchasing..
  5. bout bloody time :p :LOL:
  6. No probs Ken me old mate.. :grin:
  7. yep, purchased from the USA online stores. no probs yet. top value too. do your homework and may i just suggest to use the ones with membership and product reviews with pics. they all have ebay stores, and use the ones with as close as posible to 100% positive feedback.
  8. got my pipes yesterday from the us they used ups and was able to track all the way was a bit nervous took about 21/2 weeks but well worth the wait had the cobras fitted yesterday look great but loud and will purchase from us again to cheap not to saved nearly a grand all up on the pipes and processor
  9. way to go mate enjoy the pipes
  10. Just ordered some forward controls from johnskits, and ISO grips and throttle boss from Republiccycle.

    First time buying from US vendor, so I'm keen to see how it all pans out.

    If all goes well I'll probably get a sissy bar, rack and mounting hardware as well. Over $300 less (including shipping) than buying from Suzuki in Aus!
  11. I have been dealing with Republic Cycle now for a while and find them reliable, honest and fast. If you find an accessory somewhere else which they don't have on their list, they will get it for you and usuallyat a cheaper price than what it has been advertised for elsewhere.