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Buying From A Dealership?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Makybe05, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've decided it is time to get a bike again! Just before I moved over to Perth (12 months ago) I sold my R6 and have really missed not having a bike.

    I am looking at getting an R1 from a dealership. I'll run through the scenario and would love people to provide any feedback. I just want to know if I am crazy or not???

    I want a bike for the next 12 months before I head over to London at the end of 2013. The Yamaha dealership is offering the 2012 R1 at $20,000 ride away with GYTR mufflers and probably most importantly when you use Yamaha finance you get your insurance covered, which in my case is around $4k.

    For me, having the insurance thrown is a huge saving. So when I go to sell the bike I lose out on depreciation and interest on the finance at 8.99%.

    So really my costs may be 2/3k in depreciation and interest. But if I was to buy a second hand bike for say $14,000 I would have to pay the $4.5k in insurance.

    What would you do? Is this the sensible approach? Am I blinded by love?

    Is 20k ride away for '12 model decent or is it worth bargaining, maybe getting accessories such as boots thrown in or seeing what another dealership can offer?

  2. Not really sure on the whole dealership thing, they are always tedious to deal with, but who is quoting you 4.5k a year on insurance?

    I'm a 22 year old P-Plater with a CBR1000RR and I pay around half that. Try Swann insurance, they've so far given me the best deal, and just push them. They'll bend the price for you.
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  3. swann have been far cheaper than AAMI who I have home + car with, try them.
    The Manufacturers finance rates will beat almost anything out there, but they're fairly conditional.

    Buying from a dealer (you mentioned yamaha finance, so I'm assuming new) you also get the peace of mind of 2yr, unlimited kms warranty, a definite point of contact if anthing does go wrong and you should be able to negotiate a deal on addittional accessories and gear.

    Only you can tell if financing something and buying it new is viable, especially as it's only for a very short term.
  4. I've bought two bikes through 5 star yamaha in Hamilton Hill, and got good service, but their insurance deal was abit expensive. I ended up going with insuremyride online as it was cheap and I cbf phoning everyone.
  5. 22 year old on a CBR1000RR here too. I pay just over 1k for my insurance. Dealer got me a wicked deal with swan, saved me over 1.5k. Gotta haggle with em!
  6. Interesting. What are people thoughts on buying a brand new bike and only holding it for 12 months and then selling it?

    To me having the insurance included and purchasing the bike for 20k I would be better off financially than buying a 13k bike and then having rego and insurance etc. to pay for on top of that price.
  7. It's a no brainier you will loose a lot less on the used bike almost without exception.
  8. how would the insurance and rego take a 13k bike to over 20k?
  9. No not in terms of taking it over 20k. But think of it as if I had the two options and then sold the bike in 12 months time.

    Which scenario would leave me more out of pocket?

    The danger with buying the brand new bike is that I will be caught on depreciation. Buying say a second hand bike of 13k is that I will have to pay for services, rego, stamp duty and insurance.

    To me I think I would be better off to go for the brand new bike. But, I just wanted to see what other people think.
  10. Unless its something everyone is lining up for you can look forward to dumping a bucket of money. That said if you want a new bike go get it, seems to me that you are just trying to justify it to yourself. You will be helping the economy, go for it big fella.
  11. Dumping money in terms of depreciation?

    What would I expect to sell a 2012 R1 with minimal kms for at the end of next year? $16,000?
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    If you sell it to a dealer im guessing a lot less. Check what redbook and sales are for 2011 models now. You may not be able to find a private buyer easily especially as you've got a set leaving date.

  13. There's a 2012 on bike sales ride away 0 Kim's $17990,
  14. @OP......

    If you're looking for a 12 month "lease" (essentially) for a bike.....don't buy new.

    Buying new now and not holding for the depreciation will inflate the (effective) purchase price by +20%

    All things aside - if you really want an R1 - get a second hand '09 Big Bang...ride it for 12 months and sell it for the same price you paid....

    This way, the "lease" is the cost of maintenance and insurance.....

    Just my 2c
  15. Thanks. This is the kind of advice I am after.
  16. ok so that insurance is ridiculous. Your loosing money on that, 4.5k for insurance is VERY expensive even for a brand new bike. Shop around mate