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Buying Fork Seals

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Matt spada, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Hey guys and gals,

    Time has come to replace the fork seals on my honda spada but my question is;

    Where is everyone buying their seals from?

    Obviously these are available from eBay but has anyone used the pyramid parts seals and what do you think of them?
    Also found webike.com and their prices are good but it is a $15 flat shipping fee.

    Thanks for your input
  2. I've bought Pyramid seals - no complaints. Pays to have real good look around, you might even find a shipping included deal. They are fork seals - an envelope. Not big or heavy.
  3. I am about to do the same thing, but dust covers aswell on my vtr250. I have a local motorcycle shop that does new/used bikes, servicing and parts, specifically Honda. They come in this week, looking at about $85 for seals and dust covers.
  4. Is this a hard job to do yourself?

    I'm about to have them done on my 07 RSV1000 (ohlins forks) but if the job is simple enough I might just have a go myself?
  5. I have no idea, the guys on youtube made it look easy :).
    Ill find out this weekend haha....
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  6. USD forks are a little more involved and a few special tools are required, ( that are reasonably easy to make ) otherwise nothing a reasonably competent spanner wielder that can read couldn't tackle.

    Ohlins have manuals for all their gear if you look on the web site, and more than likely Dr Google and youtube may also be a good source of info
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  7. This is why i was so shocked with the $15 shipping fee from webike. Thought it was just because i had a heap of other parts in my cart but once they were deleted it was still $15
  8. Oil and dust seals from pyramid parts on ebay are $40 delivered for the full set. Do you know what brand the ones your received are? I did finds some skf seals that i thought seemed pretty good but it was around $60 for the pair of oil seals only.
  9. I think they are genuine Honda ones. When I was looking online one eBay I could find fork seals by themself, or a bundle with seals and dust covers for the 1990 vtr250.
  10. Normal seals:


    From my old mate Delboy.

    DIY every time.
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  11. I got a Pyramid seal set (different bike)
    the oil seals were good brand.. the dust seals were a bit average (ie, low quality), so reused the old ones..
    guess it depends which brand of seal they decide to stick in your packet..
  12. I thought I would update everyone, I just did the fork seals and dust covers, wasnt that hard :).

    Just make sure you loosen the top nut before you take the fork off the clamps and the hex nut at the bottom of the fork can be really hard to get undone.

    Apart from that it was very easy :).

    I rested the bike on a big block of wood and the kickstand.
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