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Buying first gear, dont wana get suckered...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lobsta, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Hi there all,

    Been looking at gear, in preparation for my first bike, (love the smell of leather!), and i have concluded that i have NFI! Which pleased the pimply faced kid at team moto muchly. so, I am looking at a relatively cheap, but functional full attire.

    I think that Draggins will be the go for pants, unless somebody can seriously dissuade me.

    I am gonna be getting a Virago, so i think that a textile jacket will look silly (i know, i know, dont buy for looks), and the guy at team moto said that leather protects better than textile? But i am taking everything that he said with a grain of salt on account of the fact that his eyes turned into big dollar signs when i asked him all my questions (probably shouldnt have mentioned that i have never had anything to do with a bike before in my life). So what is the go for a good, functional, protective jacket for a beginner? I was shown ones for 300 and ones for 900 and the salesmen couldnt really give me a straight answer as to the difference between...

    As for helmets, The NSW moto council said that all helmets in Aus have equal brain bucket capacity, so all I am looking at is the comfort level. Is this what people have found? Is there some to avoid? Some that are particularly good value for money? I am gonna go full face.

    Boots are pretty easy. I'm gonna pick the ones that look the least like power ranger shoes and that dont just slip on and off.

    Gloves, once again, the pimply faced dude wasnt able to tell me the real difference between the 200 buck pair and the 50 buck pair. what should i look for/avoid?

    I know that this is probably the type of question that i could ask 10 different riders and get 20 different answers, but even if people could give me a price range that I should be aiming at for each different part? and any brand names to avoid/seek would be good too. Hope i dont spark too many arguments...


  2. surely you can buy the whole gearbox?
  3. Helmets, its definitely a fit thing. You will find some brands fit you better than others. The more expensive ones tend to be lighter, so if you ride a LOT that is obviously preferable.

    Leather vs textiles depends on the individual items. There are leather jackets with no armour, or textile jackets with, so there is no right answer. You get the best that you can afford, that is the MOST protection. Which is generally things that have armour and extra padding etc.

    While draggins certainly provide more protection than normal jeans, they aren't the "safest" option out there, but they are the convienient option. Having said that I only have Hornees, don't have leather pants yet and i've been riding 7 years! (But the leathers are in the mail due to arrive this week though!) There are also textiles pants that provide more protection than draggins.

    Realistically, I don't think its an unsafe option to get Draggins, but many people would also suggest wearing MX knee pads under as well. Also you can get kevlar burn (you can wear skins or long johns to minimise it), but that certainly is preferable to gravel rash (at least I think so, cause it doesn't involve a giant brush to scrub it!)

    So draggins are a good start, or the textile pants. Down the track you may want leathers. Get the best fit jacket for you, that provides protection (think about how safe they would feel and which one you would prefer to be wearing if you were skidding down a road, after all that is why you are wearing it, not just to look cool).

    oh and gloves for a newbie, even though its winter, don't get mega thick gloves cause you need to be able to feel when you ride. You are better off putting liners in a general weather pair, but that is JMHO. Again, get ones that fit and are comfortable and provide the best protection for what you can afford.

  4. What you're going to be using your bike for will make a huge difference to what gear you buy.
    Are you commuting?
    Is the bike just for fun?
    What will you do if it rains - will you be using a car?

    Comfort is also of ultimate importance.. no point of buying something cos it's the best and doesn't fit you, because you won't wear it and you've wasted your money.

    IF you are interested and ONLY if you are interested, I work in a bike shop in Brissy, pm me if you want some help. I don't see people as dollars signs, much more interested in them getting the right gear for them.
  5. hmm, thanks for all the good replies guys, and keep them coming, and thanks for the offer tanyathecheeky, i'll pm you as soon as i get the bloody right amount of posts :eek: . I have a mate that i went to high school with who is the parts manager of team moto marooka (i found this out AFTER i went there), who i am gonna hit up also.

    See, you get more out of a private boys school education than a deeply ingrained homophobia (i refer to the recent news articles referring to my high school and their formal policy, not my personal views). You get good advice on how to keep your outer layers of skin!


    EDIT* Speellleng... I is good at engrish
  6. There's always one, isnt there?

    haha. i didnt get that the first time i read it, mainly coz i read it at midnight last night...

  7. Rossi boots are good, reasonably priced, not too spacey looking, sort-of waterproof and actually made in Australia.

    Collins Leathers are great value for money in jackets, leather pants and gloves, though their styles tend to be more sport than cruising... but check them out - they sell through ebay.

    Laro Leathers in Sydney are also pretty good for the lower price bracket.

    There's lots of info available in this forum, just skim through a few pages and you'll get lots of ideas!
  8. That's where I work.. who is your friend?
  9. Your helmet is the one that fits you the best, nice and snug...definitely not loose........if its real comfy and a bit loose now its gunna be worth jacksh1t in a couple of months.....HJC seem to be a good lid,expect to pay 3-400 for a good one though.
    Gloves- $60 may do you..?? you dont want bloody short kid gloves though,..make sure they are sturdy enough in the palms...thats whats gunna hit the ground first :cry: and ideally good catches or velcro to ensure they just dont slide right off. :mad:
    Boots- probably RJays or Rossi......there's a heap out there mate, they've just gotta fit your foot is all.......most you'll find have ankle protection now so enough said.........just dont go for the look good Harley Rebel type pull on boots......look pretty but would pull straight off also if you go down the road :cry: you want good zips and velcro backup to keep the boot where its supposed ta be...........
    Jackets- A good textile does look good on a virago :wink: in hindsight I'd say get an all seasons one that you can pull out a thermal layer leaving a ventilated jacket for summer.....more comfy than leather heat wise.....just make sure you've got good CE armour in elbows, shoulders and back.........(300,maybe $400 depending )
    Pants- Textiles with armour and thermal layer......
    Leathers when and if you can afford........
    Draggins- definitely better than nothing, good to have the kevlar but no armour to save you re impact.......
    Hope I've helped.......
  10. an update for all those of you that are intently following this thread (i know you are out there)...

    went back to team moto marooka today, and had a good long chat with my mate's dad, and he confirmed my suspicions: those were dollar signs in the salesman's eyes when he was plugging the leather jackets... So now i am looking at a dri-rider nordic pro jacket when i get more money.

    Gloves wise, I am going for the collins water proof leather ones available on ebay for 79 bucks.

    I did purchase helmet, boots, and pants today, gosh i am a sucker for a sale...

    Helmet: Black and silver KBC VR2 legend. Was the first one i was given to try on, and the one that i was the happiest with the fit. this guy knows his stuff! After trying it on about 20 times, and comparing it to almost every other helmet in the store, i was pretty much decided on it, and was thinking to put it on laybuy to lock in the sale price (299 down from 350 odd), and i noticed a small scratch on the back, no more than 3cm long. they had no other of this style in the store, so i was umming and arring, and then i was told that he was able to make it so that i would barely even notice the scratch, and he was right. after getting a 350odd helmet for 200 bucks, i cant even see it... haha

    Pants: Standard draggins, not much of a story here... got 20 bucks nocked off the sale price though, so they were 177.65

    Boots: Was looking at the lower price range. didnt even want to try on the sidi's so the ones i bought didnt feel inadequite... ended up trying on 2 brands. some A*s that were too tight in the foot and too loose in the ankle (perhaps made for people with fat legs and tiny feet?) :? Other pair were the ones i bought. Oxtar Tour Tech, Waterproof. got 5 bucks taken off the sale price, so was 183.95.

    So, overall, very impressed with the service out at team moto marooka. The other girl that helped me (cant remember her name sorry, her initials are 'jw' on the docket...), was also very good with helmets and boots. was genuinely in it to help me out, not get a commision.

    Overall spend for the day: $561.60
    Smile on my face as i left: Priceless...

    Btw, the afforementioned purchases are sitting out in my car boot, coz i couldnt sneak them in past my parents, and even if i did, probably wouldnt be able to sneak them back out for Q RIDE TOMORROW!!!! OH YEAH!!!

    Wow, what a rant...

  11. I tried not to go overboard when i got my first set of gear and ended up with:

    HJC Helmet (prior season model, ABS shell, on sale) <200
    Rivet leather jacket (on sale) ~200
    Dragins black chinos (for work) ~200
    Dragins camo cargos (for play) ~200
    Sidi boots ~180
    Rivet gloves ~40
    Motodry overpants ~20

    So all up, just around $1000.
    Gear has been good for over 2 years of riding.
    Also later got a tinted visor and recently upgraded to rivet camo cordura overpants with armor and zips to jacket.

    This time i'd spend more on a helmet (now that i'm a bit more confident; as a noob i didn't want to bin an expensive one) and also get summer and winter gloves, but overall was very happy with the gear I bought.

    Get the best gear you can afford, but remember, the best protection is not riding like a d!ck.
  12. Remember, when you buy your jacket, make sure that it's as tight as you can get.
    If you slide down the road you don't want it riding up and exposing tender flesh.
  13. just a slight variation to that.. if it's a textile jacket, you need *wiggle* room as it won't stretch like a leather one

    And I told Jade you were happy with her service :)
  14. I can't approach Tanya's expertise, however I have a summer jacket that I wear when it's not dead cold and I left enough room in it for a thick jumper as well.
  15. the best advise for buying riding gear is probably to buy the very 'best' you can afford and if you can't afford reasonable stuff, you're prob better off waiting and saving.

    it's been said a million times but dress for the slide, not the ride.

    i cringe when i see heros in summer riding their R1's in shorts and a tank top. even a low speed off is going to see them in hospital needing skin grafts, maybe bone grafts too. I also get annoyed with scooter riders riding to work in their suits, no gloves, open-face helmet...it's these idiots that drive our insurance premiums up..anyway..

    "Best" doesn't necissarily mean most expensive either - i'm too lazy to find it, but there was an interesting document floating around here that compared many different brand/model helmets for safety and some of the most expensive (e.g. Arai RX7), faired the worst in terms of safety!

    Do your homework and read reviews on products from different sources before committing to buy.