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Buying first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Durkan1987, May 20, 2008.

  1. I just recently got my motorbike learners license and am now looking for a second hand bike to purchase. Apart from the pre-learner course i did, i have no motorbike riding experience. Obviously when buying a second hand motorbike or any vehicle it is important to take it for a test drive, and although i passed the learners course quite easily im not quite sure im confident enough to take a motorbike for a test drive. i dont know anyone else who knows how to ride a motorcycle so im not sure what to do. i really dont want to buy a lemon so i was wondering if anyone has any advice for me to get around this issue.

  2. check the sticky threads in the 'new riders and riding tips' section. Lots of good info
  3. yes i have had a look at the guides but they dont really address my specific issue. i know there is alot of things you can look for with the bike stationary but is it possible to know wheter it is a good and reliable bike without taking it for a test drive, or is that just asking for trouble? conversely should i just take a bike im interested in for a test drive regardless of my lack of experience and skill.
  4. Dont take this the wrong way but, someone who has only spent a few hours on a bike will not know what a good bike is (or isnt).

    Take someone with you who knows bikes or have it checked at a shop.

    Ask on NR and someone will be willing to check out a bike or 2 with you.

    What bike are you interested in?
  5. At the moment im interested in the hyosung gt250r's. the only thing im really gonna use it for is travelling to uni which is only a 10 min ride. i figure its much better to buy a bike than a car because its more economical, and im never gonna need to transport anyone but myself. plus bikes are much more fun to ride.
  6. Dont buy a hyosung if you want to use it for transport - thats when you need something reliable. Hyosungs have proven themselves to not be reliable for now.

    Go check out some gpx250s, 5k gets you 06-07 with 10k kms or under in perfection condition with lots of rego.