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Buying first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bolds, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, first post.

    I'm going for my learners tomorrow afternoon, already completed the theory side. So I'm wanting to get my own bike ASAP..... however as I'm new to riding and none of my mates ride I have a few questions.

    I know what kind of bike.... CBR250RR.

    I've read through the buying guide, which increased my knowledge by a huge amount.... but it also made me realise just how little I know.

    I'm a little hesitent to go out and inspect a bike and buy one solo, for fear of buy a dud.... am I better off buying from a dealer? Is there a company which will come out and inspect the bike for or with me?

    My main concern is that I've only ever ridden the one bike and only for a short period of time, so if I was to test ride one I'm sure I'd be overwelmed and wouldn't really take much in.

    Any tips would be much appreciated.....

    NB: Great site!!
  2. Welcome to NR !!!

    Your next click should be ----> right here.

    You should read it at least twice and very carefully. In that thread you will find 3 other links to other Netrider threads, read those as well.

    Good luck :)
  3. ahhh - I just realised you said you've already read the Guide To Buying Your First Bike thread, very wise.

    I would suggest being very careful about buying a CBR250RR as they are all getting very long in the tooth now. Why not scout through the Netrider Bikes For Sale forum and see if anyone here has something for sale you might be interested in? A lot fo the time the bikes for sale on here are known by other Netriders who may be able to provide some further info etc. Try to get along to soem Netrider Coffee nights or events and get to know a few people. I have taken a Netrider to my last 2 bike purchases as I'm not the grease under a mechanics fingernails, it made me feel a lot more confident in my decision making.
  4. G'day Bolds, welcome :grin:
    Where abouts are you??? You might be able to get some advice from people in your area and maybe even a hand test riding :grin:
  5. Hello there and welcome!

    I was in the same situation as you 15 months ago, just did my L's and was looking for a CBR250RR not knowing much about bikes. Well I sorta rushed into it and picked up a CBR250R for 3 grand with 60,000kms at a dealer and it's served me well for a year now with no problems at all so I guess im lucky.

    Looking back, and if I were in that situation again I'd be patient and find a nice private seller with a good example of the CBR250RR. I've seen many nice ones come and go in the for sale sections of this forum and also this forum:


    One thing on your side is that the Honda CBR250 is a very reliable well-built bike that is great for new riders.

  6. Thanks for your replies....

    I'm in Berwick VIC.

    I've been looking through the trading post and bikesales, and I've picked a couple which I'm interested in.... however mostly I'm going by looks.

    I was out at Jeffrey Honda this afternoon and looked at one they have at the moment, from my point of view it all seemed fine, straight, no smoke, started first go, etc.... however the price wasn't in my range.

    I'm planing on looking at a private one tomorrow, less kms and less $$$.
  7. Dont forget to put aside $1000+ for gear and insurance, whatever you get.
  8. Don't worry I haven't... I'm thinking around the 2k mark for gear. Found a Shark helmet that fits well, its around $400, a couple of Draggin jeans $400, jacket $350, boots (unknown) and gloves $100.
  9. Well done. Thats the shot.
    No need to go overboard with the 2 pair of draggins (ebay) Boots can be had for less than $350 and my Joe Rocket gloves were $45 off Ebay. A good lid is fair enough though but dont buy the first one that feels ok and seeing as its your first bike please have at least 3rd party insurance. I know you'll pay a price but..................... my 5c worth.
  10. Sounds like you are defintly going about this the right way mate!

    Defo check out www.cbr250.com, lot of great members and it also has a great for sale section. Bought my bike from a forum member which others could back up the quality of.

    Plus everyone is more then keen to come and help you out as im sure the NR crew are to!

    But ya, biggest bit of advice, be patient.

    I picked mine up for 4k but i see some for 5-6 plus. And thats where it becomes a rip.

    Keep us updated mate, good luck and awesome choice of bike! hehehe :grin:
  11. Depending where you are you will pbly find a NR member nearby and we are all very nice people, if your in townsville id gladly go around with you looking at bikes :D
  12. Well I picked up my CBR250RR this afternoon..... it was a fantastic feeling riding home, missed a few gear changes, apart from that I think I did well.

    I'm in two minds as to weather I should ride to work tomorrow or wait until Monday, that would give me the weekend to get to know the bike a little better. Some how I think tomorrow morning it wont be an easy choice.

    I'll post some pics soon.

    Thanks guys!
  13. Good one - enjoy the bike!

    No doubt you won't be able to resist taking her out again tomorrow... that's if you can resist going out again tonight! ;) :LOL:
  14. lol i bet you $100 you will ride to work.

    I got mine on a Thursday i think, was not gonna ride her to work till Monday.

    I took her out on Thursday morning (had work in avo) and did about 100km work around the area.

    After that experience, like hell i wasnt gonna ride to work. And so it all began!

    But mate, well done! :worthlesspics:
  15. I need to get my post count to 5 to post links.
  16. Looks nice Bolds, congrats on the new bike.
    Just remember to ride within your own limitations :wink: Have a ball :grin:
  17. You win!
  18. Wow Learners to 1st commute in 3 days. you sure as heck don't mess about huh?

    Congrats. hope you have many happy moons riding the lil' beast. choice colours too. See you at coffee/ ride day soon.
  19. Well done Bolds, when I'm set up again we'll go for a ride :grin: