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Buying first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by AngryAnt, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. G'day everyone,

    I'm new to this forum, and I am hoping to draw on your collective experience with some advice for someone looking to buy their first bike.

    I looked at a bike yesterday, a 1985 Honda VT250F which was a very reasonable bike which I liked. Needs a LH muffler and a LH mirror which I have already sourced (I have a mate with a VF400F that is unregistered so I was going to "borrow" them 8) )

    What I am worried about, is that I've heard these bikes are notorious for spinning crank bearings, and that the cams and cam chains can be problematic. The bike ran fine, with a bit of valve clatter when started (cold), but it hasn't had an oil change in at least two years of being a daily commuter :shock:. Even though it runs fine now, I am worried the engine will have little life left in it (it's clocked up 60,000kms). What does everybody think? Should I just walk away?

    I will also be looking at a Honda CB250N tomorrow, which I don't like as much as they are heavy and apparently pretty dull rides, but they are bulletproof by all accounts!

  2. This discussion is currently on another forum at the moment. The CB250N is virtually bullet proof but yes a reasonably dull ride. I own one. As I said in the other post it all depends what fits the pocket and the body rather than the head. While everyone thinks its nice to have the latest CBR250RR not all can ride/fit/handle/afford/afford to ensure/afford to repair said type of bike and have to plump for something different and perhaps appealing in a different way.
  3. The lack of regular oil changes on the VT250F you're looking at would seem to suggest that it has generally been neglected. Anyone who is too cheap or busy to even change the oil is unlikely to have kept up maintenance on other itmes such as plugs, coolant, cables etc. so I would treat it with extreme caution-you don't want to be the one holding the bill when things finally do break.

    That said I wouldn't necessarily recommend running out and buying a CB250 if you have no interest in them. If you buy a bike that you actually like you will probably enjoy riding it more and will be more willing to spend the time required in maintaining it. You only have to look at what people are willing to go through to own a classic bike to see an example of this.
  4. im looking for my first bike to i was thinking about not geting a 250 400 500 ect but to save all the messing about i was going to get a zx6r or a honda cbr600rr till i thought of the insurance wwwwooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hmmmmmm Dull ride! Me thinks not just dull riders!
    My Bond is a CB 250 Night Hawk & will go fast enough to lose me my licence! Having said that my L's have just had their 1st birthday with all 5 points still very much intact.

    We've done over 16,000k's together including a 3000k round trip to Sydney in 6 days & Bond only got left behind in the twisties (my fault not his or when the others were speeding!)

    Yes on some of the bigger hills he ran out of legs but a shift down a gear usually saw him catch up pretty quick.

    I get 300+k's to a tank & servicing is easy. I'm in no hurry to get my P's as I have no intention of upgrading!

    So there! my 2 bobs worth!
  6. Personally I would not consider any VT250 that hadn't had regular servicing.

    They are _very_ sensitive to lack of oil...
  7. :shock: :?

    ummm, you'd think it'd be the other way around? generally speaking, i wouldn't refer to someone that enjoys a little speed and excitement in their ride as 'dull'. not trying to poke fun at you BG but your choice of words probably isn't the best there :wink:

    anyways, back to the topic eh :LOL:.... sounds like it might be a lemon. i'd think those bikes would have a fairly strong motor, but 2 years without an oil change on a 250 with 60,000 on it? nope, i'd stay well clear of that possibly money pit.

    oil changes are VERY important on these highly strung little motors, the manuals reckon change it every 6-10,000 ks depending on the bike, but i dont let it run past 3000 just to be on the safe side. not such an issue if you dont thrash the bike but if you like to give it a bit of stick (almost inevitable on a 250 :LOL: ) then you've really gotta make sure that oil is changed regularly to keep all them wee little moving bits in tip top shape...
  8. Till your L's expire and then you need to resit them or realise at the last minute that they are about to expire and you then need to rush to get your P's.

    L's only last for 15 months after you've applied for your extension.
  9. I would steer well away from any machine that has not had a oil change in 60,00K. I would wonder what else has not been looked after!!!

  10. My L's expire at midnight on 15th May so I'm in no rush, if i decide to extend them I'll have until 15th August 2006 to do my P's so I won't have to worry about last minute P's test. I do see your point though Vic and I thank you for the heads up on it!