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Buying first bike, need moral support!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Danielle, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Hello out there :)

    After my threads of deliberation over which bike to buy, i have the funds and have decided on a balius/bandit.

    I think I will get a bike from a dealer, city most likely, as theres one I have my eye on in elizabeth st.. i know dealers charge higher prices, but i intend to talk down, and get % off jacket/helmet.. i hope- and being first bike the peace of mind a dealer sale brings over a PS is nice

    So the question is "how to get the bike home".....
    If there are any lovely people who would like to ride with me when i bring my bike home from the shop, that i could follow, i am sure i'd feel a whole lot less nervous!! I'd be riding from dealer city or maybe A1 brighton to sandringham. the test ride is a whole other story

    -- Thanks, from a very excited and nervous NOOB
  2. A damselle in distress and where are the hoards to NR boys beating a path to help????????

    I'm sure the south east contingent will step up!

    When do you want to do this Danielle?
  3. Probably saturday, i am keen, but dont want the shop to think i am-- i called them this morning and asked about rwc/rego etc... and started talking them down on price ( i saw this bike in person a while back, it still for sale.. apparently its "waiting for me" ... or the salesman is talking out his ASS) but if i buy it on saturday i probably dont get to ride it home until next week
  4. Yeah, I was going to ask the timing question too, after all I'm in Melbourne at the moment.
  5. I like your dog. :)

    And yeah, shout out when you want help. There's always someone available for that sorta thing. :)
  6. heLLo hornet600- you're in melb hey. i bet its a better place than wherever you came from!!

    Seany: I love my dog, he is the best. Hes gonna be pissed he cant sit on the motorbike with me. he'll have to stick to front seat of the FuLLi sick Suzuki swifT!
  7. :eek:
  8. I was in a similar situation with taking the bike home, but yeh I decided to face the fire and just ride it home, had a mate cover my ass though. Its amazing what you learn on the first 30 minutes on the road :)
  9. Hey - I just got a bandit a couple of weeks ago and I've been very impressed so far :cool:

    Good choice - and don't worry too much about the first ride, just relax and you'll be surprised how quickly you'll get comfortable!
  10. thanks janosh, precisely what i want to hear :D
    balius is kinda first on the list for some reason, i think its cos i like the logo on the bike - its a horsey. but if i find a bandit for the right price, then that will be it :D

    hitokiri21: so you had a car follow you.. i thought about that, but i think i'd feel most at ease just following another bike- like if that bike can do it , so can i !

    loth: are you from the same place hornet600 is from??

    hornet600: i'm sorry i take it back i bet your geographical location is splendid!! welcome to melbourne , enjoy your stay :D
  11. yeah i helped smiley ride home couple weeks back when he got his!
    Was good fun

    I may be able to help depending on the day also!
  12. hey danielle,
    nice choice of bike. have u gotten quotes from several places as Im sure if u have the cash, several dealers will be more than happy to compete & accomodate u in terms of price.
    I live in Vermont South n if u like i can offer to ride home with u.
    anyhoo, best of luck with the bike purchase.
  13. hey. thanks red23. well now i am tossing between a balius and bandit through PS cos they have far less Kms

    neo.nick: thanks for ur comment. i will update but atm my head is going to implode.

    actually i think even if i play off dealers, PS may still bring through the goods with lower kms at a decent price.
  14. Eventhoguh Im still a new rider as well I might also ride with you. I've been riding for abt a month now and feel pretty confident with most situations. So if you want another person to ride with you, I might b able to come along as well providing I dont have work/finish work on the day.
  15. Thanks sweeris :) there are so many nice NRs about. i will post the official day when i find out :D
  16. Going to rain Saturday & Sunday. Probably a good time to organise the purchase. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday are supposed to be sunny & fine, a great time to take take delivery. :grin:

    I would be happy to help out with the pick up depending on work commitments etc.
  17. Well, If you're gonna pay for my 4000km return trip I'll help out. :D

    Otherwise, plenty of help out there.

    If you have to get someone else to ride it home - while it rained when I rode my bike home from peak hour traffic Carlton to Belgrave I ahve to seriously recommend against it.

    Of course, i am still alive... you may make it.
  18. Update

    Turns out the dealer didn't go as low on price as I was hoping.
    I found the same bike PS for $700 less with 15000kms less on the clock. (sure its blue, not silver, but I think I will live, and I think I've decided I like blue more than silver anyway!! :p )
    I am going out with a pre purchase mechanic tomorrow to look at it. if it all goes well, when it comes time to bring it home, it's gonna be a hard first ride! Over the westgate! (Williamstown to Sandringham) *argh**
  19. Yay for blue! :dance: The best colour for stuff to be. :cool:

    The Westgate's not so bad. Take someone to shepherd you and you'll be fine.
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