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Buying first bike? How?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by RedWings01, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    Hoping to pick up my bike on Sunday from a private seller.

    What documents do I need from the seller to transfer rego? And about insurance. Because I can't transfer rego until the monday when RMS is open, what do I do with insurance? I'm going to have to ride it home and not sure If i can get insurance for it since it isnt registered under my name. Another problem is that I only recently got my licence and got issued a paper licence. Can I use that to transfer rego or will i need to wait until my card arrives in the mail.

    Thanks, sorry if these questions sound dumb.

  2. Won't comment re: rego transfer or licence, since I'm not in NSW.

    Most insurers will give you a cover note for 7-14 days over the phone, even if you don't yet own the bike/car/donkey, as long as you have details, such as VIN, Engine # make and model etc... I would not advise riding an unfamiliar bike home without it.

    This tides you over until the insurance policy starts.
  3. From memory you get 14 days to transfer rego before the RMS charge you something exorbitant. I don't see why the RMS wouldn't let you transfer it to your name with only the paper licence, but if not you have time up your sleeve anyway.

    Get a cover note for insurance. Most of the major insurers will allow you to get one online by going through payment menu and choosing to pay later or similar. This usually gives you 14 - 21 days to pay, and you are insured in that time as long as you have listed appropriate vehicle details. If you don't pay it will lapse and you won't be insured at all and have to organise it again. If you need a claim, you will be required to pay the premium in full as well as any excess fees they charge before going through with it.

    Fairly simple. No need to ride it anywhere without insurance. If you're not sure, call up your preferred insurer and ask for a cover note or how to get one ready to go.
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    Yes Mick is right an insurer will give you a cover note, you can generally arrange it over the phone, maybe even on line now days.

    In terms of buying the bike:

    • PPSR Check will tell you if there is any finance owing a REVS check will also tell you if the bike has been a writeoff, do this before picking up the bike, you will need the VIN number.
    • If he provides you with a Road Worthy certificate it should be dated, numbered and have the name of the company who did the RWC.
    • Pay Money Get receipt with seller name and contact details, buyer name and contact details VIN no, Make Model and Year of the bike.
    • Transfer your registration
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  5. Wow thanks for the quick responses. I will look into the cover note, didnt think they had such things.
  6. AAMI no longer do cover notes (much to my irritation) as I discovered when we bought the last bike in September.
  7. So what did you do? Can i just purchase the insurance on my phone and have instant coverage or no?
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    Yes just shop around until you find someone who still does cover notes. It helps if it is an insurer you already have a vehicle insured with, but if you are buying the bike and intend to insure with the company they should offer a cover note until the paperwork is complete or they will do a verbal contract over the phone.
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  9. Agree with the exception of AAMI (they used to but I was told no longer do by them in Sept). Can still buy policy instantly though.

    Would shop for cover note first though, gives you more time to compare insurance quotes...
  10. You can cancel after a few days anyway. They have cooling off period

    Edit generally.

    You can always cancel and pay the cancellation fee anyway