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Buying first bike... from motorcycle wreckers?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Deadsy, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    Since I got my Ls two weeks ago I've been looking for my first bike. Can anyone give me some advice about buying a bike from a wrecker? I've found a bike that is priced well and plan on seeing it this weekend but I am worried about ending up with something that will die on the ride home... I don't really have any mechanical or motorcycle experience.
    I found the bike on bikepoint, and the bike is listed as good condition, they have other bikes listed as "wrecking only". I have also rung the place up and was told the bike is find.
    Do only write-offs end up at wreckers? Do bikes that are in good condition end up at wreckers, and why?
    Is the idea of buying my first bike from a motorcycle wrecker simply stupid?
    Here is a link to the bike:
    I did do a search but couldn't find the clear answers I am looking for. I appreciate any help with this. Thankyou.
  2. Firstly, my mate has bought himself an RVF 400 from the wreckers as his first bike and even with all the minor repairs he has still come out 3 thousand bucks ahead. So if you look hard enough and don't mind spending a bit of time on it, a bike from the wreckers can be a good buy.

    Still having said that, you can get some real lemons, so if you have a mate who knows enough about bikes take him along.

    With this particular bike it could be that the original was in an accident and that they have just pulled bits and pieces from other CBR's to make one whole one.

    You see if an insurance company calls your bike a write off after a crash it is not because it can't be fixed, it is because it will cost them less to pay you the value of the bike and then sell it for parts, than it would be to pay for the repairs. So you can actually get rather good bikes from wreckers, although you do have to come to terms with and accept the fact that it has been in a crash before. Still as I said, check it out, it could very well be worth your while. From the single picture and no discription / milage or limited info, it looks like a good deal. Especially for a tri-colour.

    Let us know how it goes.
  3. There's a lot of reasons a bike may end up at the wreckers, but the thing to remember is this: it ended up there because it was uneconomical to repair for someone. Whether that means they were sick of throwing money at it, used it as an excuse to buy a new bike or whatever.
    So, if you can do ALL your own work, you'll come out of it well. If you can't, well, you will be rolling the dice a bit.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. If u had mechanical experiance (or wanted sum) jump in, If u dont a CBRRRRRRRRR 250 for $4000 is pretty much the going rate for this bike. I reckon its a good deal if its tip top shape and low k's. Otherwise its still an ok price.

    BTW just cause its comming from a wreckers doesnt always mean its been crashed, it not hard to tell, especaily with the original paint job. They sell bikes, might have been a trade in from a car dealer or something.

    and try and get a few hundred off. Bring 3.5k cash with ya stick it in their face take ur time wear em down
  5. Your first concern in getting it home from the wreckers should be whether or not it's registered and insured to ride.....

    If it is and you have some mechanical expertise, or know someone who does, then you may well end up with a bargain. If not, it could be a money-pit
  6. Thankyou for all the advice guys. I had a look at the bike today and noticed from the compliance plate that it is a 91 model so they've obviously just put on those fairings to make it look like something it's not. The bike could be fine mechanically but that was enough to make me decide to walk away.
  7. Hmm, wise inspection, and some grief saved, m'thinks :)
  8. Yes, I think so. It was still dissapointing though. :(
    Finding a motorcycle that I want to buy doesn't seem as easy as I thought it would be... hopefully I will come across the right bike soon. :)
  9. The fairings may be original? Someone may have got the tri-colour scheme when they imported it>? I have seen tri-colours in biketrader from SUMOTO.

    Also, on the topic of why bikes end up at wreckers-I was at metro wreckers silverwater a few weeks ago and I heard one of the blokes that works there ringing people out of the trading post and enquring about the bike. I figure they look for cheapies and then flog the parts for profit so there may actually be nothing wrong with the bike-just high kilometres or someone just trying to flog their bike fast for whatever other reason. I've looked at a few bikes in wreckers and they usually do seem a bit dodgy-paint etc and the prices aren't that cheap anyways.
  10. Smart move I think. If something doesn't gel then it's possible they're trying to hide something. Could also be a real bargain. If it is a mix n' match bike then you may not get a good price on sale come time for an upgrade.