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Buying first bike - any advice welcome.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GuttedEwok, May 4, 2005.

  1. Hi all.

    I'm looking at buying my first bike in the next few weeks. I'm in Vic, so it has to be a 250. I was pretty keen on a CBR-R, but a friend of mine advised against it. He says the power comes in too high up in the rev range for regular street riding, and wouldn't recommend it as a learner bike. He suggested something like a VTR or Bandit - upright riding position, not too powerful (but powerful enough for a bit of fun), fairly reliable, user friendly. Anybody else have an opinion?

    I'm also not too sure whether to look at dealerships or private sale. I'd looked at a few grey imports, particularly at Sumoto, but I've noticed some bad stories about them on the forums. Any advice however small will be greatly appreciated. What do you think the best learner bike is?


  2. Best learner bike is one that you are comfortable on.

    Nothing wrong with a CBR250R, RR RRR, RRRR, RRRRR
    They sound like that you know :)

    VTR's, Bandits, whatever, they are all there to service the 250 market.

    Go to sumoto and waste their time, sit on everything that they have and find a bike that "fits you"

    Where you should buy depends on how many dollars you have.
  3. Well first off welcome to the forums! :) , I'm sure you will find them as usefull as I do with lots of handy tips and advice.

    As for bike to look at it really depends on what you are looking for...Do you want a naked bike, faired bike, cruiser etc...also your height and build may have a bearing on what you choose...I am 6'2" and of solid build so the CBR, FZR's etc were a little bit cramped for me....

    Naked bikes your choices are:

    Honda VTR-250, Suzuki Bandit, Honda Spada, Yamaha Zeal, Honda Hornet, Kawasaki Balius

    Fully Faired(Race Replica)

    Honda CBR-250R & RR, Kawasaki ZX-2R, Suzuki GSXR-250, Yamaha FZR-250

    Fully Faired(Other)

    Suzuki Across, Kawasaki ZZR-250 & GPX-250 ETC...

    I'm sure there are some others I have missed but these would probably be the most well known models out there. I have a Hornet 250 as it suits somebody of larger build, has Honda reliability, a nice comfortable upright riding position, and as it runs a CBR motor retuned for a bit more midrange it's a nice friendly bike to learn on but still has a bit of stick for a quick fang.

    I would suggest you look at and sit on as many bikes as possible..that way you can get a better idea of what suits you...no good having your heart set on a bike if your feet dont reach the ground :cry:

    Whatever you choose, you will ride it and love it! :)
  4. My advice is to go around all the dealerships you can and sit on anything and everything you can until you decide what model you want. Then to save some cash go for a private sale but get a profesional to check the bike over for you. To see how my experiance went of buying a bike from a private seller go to the new rider section and see the thread I started when I first joined Netrider. Dont be scared of buying private, you just need to be armed with the right knowlage of what your looking at.
  5. I think Monkey Nuts has got it spot-on. After passing my test I bought and sold three bikes before I found one that really suited me. Take your time, and most importantly, get someone to go with you who knows what they're looking for - there's loads from your area on this site, and someone is sure to help you out if you ask. Personally, I wouldn't buy new - that way somebody else pays the first 12 months of depreciation..................
  6. and with the "power comes on too high in the rev range" thing, look at how many cylinders the bike has. you're mate is right with the VTR (being a v-twin) but the bandit is an inline 4, you dont get any real power till 8-9000 RPM, just like all the other 4 pot 250s.

    and dont stress about the amount of power in them either, most of the sporty 250s have between 35-40 hp and theres really not that much in it when it comes to take off and general city riding. with the 250s, i'd say the most important thing is COMFORT, not power. if your comfortable on the bike, you'll learn to use the power how its supposed to be used. look into the differences between 2,3 & 4 cyl motors when you're going for the upgrade, but theres really not that huge a difference in the 250 sports market....
  7. 2 things

    #1 Test ride before you buy to find the bike you most think is right for you.

    #2 Read this, then read it again. This is sound sage advice ---- > Buying a Used Bike
  8. Here's an interesting link that had some good info on checking bikes as well


    Taking someone who knows about bikes is good. you can also ask mechanics to do a check on a pre purchase basis as well.
    When a deal looks to good to be true......you know the rest. A shiny bike outside can cover damage inside. Just a couple of thoughtsd to add to this very good list above. Good luck.

    cheers Michael
  9. Thanks for all the help so far people, much appreciated. Has anybody had any experience dealing with Sumoto? I'm looking at spending up to $7k on the bike itself - should I look at dealers or private sale? I know people have answered these questions in other posts before, but I'm just looking for more opinions.

  10. Gutted - Let me just say this, I have never seen a complimentary thing said about Sumoto on these forums. Ever.

    I rang them before buying my first bike and before I was on these forums, and the guy on the phone sounded just like Guido Hatsis, he told me that barring perhaps 1 model that would cost me around $11,000 you could not buy a new 250 in Australia, that basically the entire 250 market in Australia was Grey Imports, and that as their bike were basically as new as you could get they DO NOT allow any test rides.

    Would you buy a bike that you hadn't ridden first ?

    Runaway, screaming .........
  11. Gutted, when I was first looking for a bike I rang them and they don't really give you much info, they just keep saying come down and look. You never know what the bike has done before it was imported.

    As your budget is quite high, you have even a new option of the GPX250R, which I am sure is $5990 + ORC
    ($6,540 on road. Not including optional accessories pack)
    Optional accessories starter pack worth $440 for just $150. Only at Floyd Parkes. this special is at http://www.kawasaki-fp.com/

    Or if you can find another $1500, let me tell you the Honda VTR250 (naked) is just an awesome bike, its looks so close to the ducati monster its not funny. And the resale value of these bikes are the best.
    There is a few pics of my VTR on my website.

    Happy motorbike hunting, just remember not to rush in and get the first thing you see.
  12. Agree. Buy a bike that suites u not what some1 else wants u to ride. As Vic said , sit on every type of style u can to find that 1 that feels comfortable.
  13. Sumoto struck me as a bunch of "say and do anything to get a sale" sales people. Rather than bike riders who want to make sure their customers end up with the best option.
  14. Yeah a mate got his overpriced, overused, yet newly painted bike from sumoto and hasn't been happy. They'll go the hard sell everytime and then apparently they're fairly unco-operative when something goes wrong (broken chain in my mates case).
  15. +1

    Go sit on/ride everything you possibly can and buy the one you gel with the best.....Its hard to find a "bad" bike these days....

    Everyone will say get this, get that but most have no idea what they are on about. Buy the one YOU like the best.