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Buying first bike and open to all suggestions.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bogthebuilder, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Been wanting my Learner's for a while and I finally got it. I have some previous motorbiking experience on my friend's bikes and a little bit off-road when I was younger but nothing noteworthy. Just turned 18 and want something to commute to uni with 3/4 days a week, around a 50km round trip each day.

    Some things I'd like the bike to have are,

    1. To be around $3.5k
    2. To be powerful and comfortable enough for my weight/height. 100kg/189cm
    3. Would prefer a naked bike, but I'm flexible.

    Some of the bikes I've looked at are the, GS500E, VTR250, SV650 and the other standard 250s such as the CBR and Ninja. Any suggestions would be welcome.

  2. At your weight forget anything under 400cc. With your budget I would look at
    Er5 Kawasaki
    Sv650 Lams
    Hyosung gt650 comet Lams
  3. Will definitely check out the other two suggestions man. I love the look of the ER5, what are the downsides to the bike?
  4. Also worth considering are the DR650 and KLR 650 dual sports. Not as powerful as the road oriented bikes mentioned above but they have their compensations. If a road is anything other than dead straight and empty, the big thumpers will cover ground as quickly as any other LAMS bike. And then, of course, there are all the places they can go that other bikes can't :).
  5. The Er5 was a direct competitor to the GS500, so very similar technology, performance, quality etc...
    The main difference is the Kawasaki is liquid cooled, vs. air cooling on the Suzuki.
    Also, the Er5 has twin rear shocks, vs. a monoshock.
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  6. With these two differentiating features, what benefits or disadvantages do they bring to the bike. e.g. mono vs rear shocks. and air cool vs liquid cool
  7. and ER5 has rear drum brake instead of disc.
  8. I agree with the DR400, DR650 or KLR650 if you have some off road riding to play on, plus it will suit your size. I saw this recently and made me very jealous!

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  9. At the level of the ER-5/GS500 the differences in either direction of either feature are marginal at most. Liquid cooling is another system to service and another set of potential failure points. Any shockies fitted as factory standard to a twin shock bike will probably be crap from new and won't keep their damping very long. OTOH air cooling can get a little uncomfortable if you spend much time in stationary traffic on a really hot day, a monoshock set up is another set of wear points and a knackered shock is more expensive to replace than a set of twins. At GS/ER levels I'd be very surprised if you could detect any worthwhile difference in handling. Swings and roundabouts. Neither feature would either put me off or be irresistable.
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  10. +1 for dual-sport. I ride a NX650 and it would tick a lot of your boxes. Also being so versatile makes you able to experience lots of different types of riding while you're learning to work out what you enjoy most. The height of these types of bikes would also suit you.
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  11. I am around the same weight as you and returned to riding after 20 years and first up I bought a DRZ400SM. It was ideal to return to riding and would suit a new rider as well. The high seating position also makes it a great commuter. It has enough power for weekend riding as well, especially if you do a few mods. Alternatively, you can buy a DRZ400E. It will be cheaper to purchase, doesn't need to be modded (unless you want to) as it has a better carb, cams and exhaust from the get go. Rims on either are interchangable so you can have a road and off-road all in the one bike for the price of a second set of wheels..

    I sold mine a little while back and am starting to regret it.