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Buying Damaged / Bike Inspection

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Maverick_132, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Hey all, i'm sure there has been a number of posts regarding this, but i've found a bike i'm thinking about buying and i spoke to the seller today and the bike was damaged and had been repaired: -

    Off the top of my head he had to replace:
    • Front Forks
      Front Rim
      Front Wheel
      Front Headlight replaced
      And repair some fairing damage

    The checklist i've got in my head is to
    1) Physically inspect the bike
    2) Get it checked out by a mechanic
    3) Make sure a RWC is provided with the sale
    4) Do a finance check
    5) have i missed anything?

    Is this what you'd term a major repair? and would any of you learned motorcyclist be willing to come have a look at it with me to help a noob out. Will probably be this sunday and the bike is out in sunshine...more than happy to throw a slab of beer your way for the effort. :LOL:

  2. Take into consideration that the bike may be on the written off vehicle register, indicating an insurer has total lossed the bike, this can be minor damage, or major damage. in Vic I believe that if has not been registered and inspected since being written off a VIV is about $400+ the Mexicans can advise better here.

    If it is recorded as repairable write off, your re-sale is going to be difficult, and at a lower value, so consider this when you negotiate the price you pay.

    Compare the price the seller is asking to what a good clean uncrashed bike will cost, it may not be worth the hassle in the end.
  3. The bike is about 1.5 - 2k cheaper than most other motorcycles of the same year and km's
  4. Get the details of the bike (Rego, VIN, engine number) and call Vic Roads, you should be able to do a check if it is has finance owing and if it is reported as stolen. Somewhere in all that you will get the information about if it is registered as a repairable write off.

    As Tweet said that should lower the price but dont be scared by it, the main thing is to get it checked out thoroughly to make sure the repairs have been done well,

    It is also important to remember that the bike may have had a big accident but not be registered as a repairable write off as it was uninsured at the time of the accident

    Again get it checked out,

    Sorry I wont be able to help you with that (my mechanical knowledge isnt that great anyway)
  5. wow:( with major front end repairs like that, I'd be looking to verify the integrity of the frame before I committed myself. An out of alignment frame will present you with no end of geometry issues.

    I'd be thinking twice about that one, but that's just me.

  6. keep the thoughts / suggestions coming!! they have made me a little apprehensive about it, but that's only natural.
  7. Also bear in mind that (if the bike was a repairable writeoff at some point, which will come up in a security check) future buyers won't be willing to pay as much for it. The price you're paying should be significantly lower than similar models that haven't been written off.

    As already mentioned, make sure you do a security check and RWC before buying. If it is a repairable writeoff, get the owner to get the VIV for you - far less hassle as you won't have the needed documentation and diaries etc.

    What kind of bike is it, out of interest?
  8. it's an 03 SV650S
  9. its fine dude. just check the head stem bearing holder thing for cracks if none its all good. If there is no damage there thhen there is no damage to the frame.

    Id be scraed of a bike thats been trashed and abused, more than one thats been crashed, as a shitload of bikes have been.
  10. To me, $1500-2K isn't sufficient to pursuade me into buying a bike that was recorded as a rep write off. I think some smart shopping with cash at the ready and a willingness to travel could see you close that gap a little further on a non crashed/reported bike, that will be much easier for you to sell in the future, and for the peace of mind.

    Would it be worth having the bent bike for say $1000 less??
  11. who saiz its bent?
  12. I meant a bike that HAS been or IS bent. One that has evidence of repair, and or is recorded on the written off vehicle register.

    Still confused?
  13. +1 with Zbike (Never thought I'd say that :p). Keep in mind, twisted forks can be replaced by a repairer, if the paint was chipped on a rim and the finish was unmatchable, and the tire was excessively scored...

    Get the details about the circumstances of the crash. if it sounds legit, go for it. The bike would have only been on its side for about 0.001% of it's life. See if the insurance repair comes with a lifetime warranty
  14. Repairable write offs are often a good buy because you can get a decent vehicle for a substantially reduced cost, because so many people are scared off by the term. As a resale proposition they are of course not great for the same reason.

    If the bike was crashed and all the items listed were replaced under the basis of an insurance quote and claim, bear in mind that many repairers will simply replace parts completely rather than repair what may in fact have been minor damage. Maybe the damage to the front end was largely scratching and dings - ie largely cosmetic damage. You don't really know. The only way to know if the bike is worth buying is to get it properly checked out. But I'd definitely offer a lot less than the asking price because if other bikes are not much dearer then he's asking for too much for something that has had to have so much replaced/repaired following an accident.

    For other bikes that may come up on checks as a repairable write off, the only damage sustained in the accident may well have been some fairing damage that the insurer decided wasn't worth the cost of replacing given the overall value of the bike, and the bike structurally and mechanically is sound. If you aren't buying with an eye to reselling in the near future, then as long as they are fully checked out, you can pick yourself up a bargain.
  15. it's important to weigh in ALL of the costs of a bargain like the ones that previously damaged bikes offer, such as resale... if the model of bike is plentiful (havent looked at the market for sv650's) then it will be much harder to resell as you will be competing with all the other undamaged bikes out there....

    having said that, i think far too many people are too scared of a few scratches here and there
  16. My bike was a crash repair bike, front end was replaced, nose cone fairings, forks and some other stuff.
    The brake caliper has a slight scrape on it but I didnt notice until very close inspection. Mine came with a VIV report and i got a great deal.

    Nothing wrong with the bikes that have been repaired just make sure you get a good deal.
    My bike has been great, nothing went wrong with anything that was replaced. Just the usual thinks that need replaced like rotors, pads Reg/rect and stuff.

    I guess it depends on how pedantic you are on it.
    Im selling my bike soon and if anyone whinges about stonechips and scratches, they will get told to F**k off.
    Its not NEW its 3rd hand, and I ride it of course there's some scratches.

    Good luck, make sure VIV is supplied.
    I got a guy who does pre sale inspections. He knows his stuff. Let me know if you need him and I can pm you his number.

    Cheers :grin:
  17. ANY frame damage and the bike can never be road registered again. So if the frame was bent it would be allowed to be re-registered again in VICTORIA or anywhere else.
    You can have a perfect looking bike , but if the frame has a dent its a TOTAL WRITEOFF.

    Ive got experience with this stuff... :wink:
  18. Firstly thanks for the info, secondly would love if you could pm me the number of your pre sale inspection guy. I'm going to have a first glance at the bike on the weekend, if it looks straight / legit after that i'll organise the seller to provide a VIV and probably contact your mate to have a closer inspection of the bike.