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Buying boots online

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by darcmate, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Hi guys I am looking to get my first pair of boots, and I had a quick look in a store and then online, for the same pair you can save hundreds.

    What I'm concerned about is the sizing.
    I have seen that some pairs of A* boots for example you should wear a size lower than what you normally wear but others you should wear normal size so it's a bit confusing for me, just don't wanna buy a pair of boots and then have them be the wrong size and I can't wear them.

    I should add that this (buying the wrong size) has just happened to me with a pair of jeans i bought online.

  2. Actually the rule of thumb is get one size larger than normal, street riding type bike boots need to be a little loose, this allows you to wear thicker socks & not have your feet boil on a hot day..

    Unless the online stores has a good returns policy, the only option you are left with is to go to a bricks & mortar store & try some on, that leaves you in the position of knowing you are not going to buy at that store & wasting the sales persons time..

    One other thing, by the sound of it you are looking at a pair of boots in the $400 plus range, maybe go a little cheaper to start with would be a good idea...
  3. My most recent boots were purchased online and the sizing was wrong - luckily they were slightly larger so just filled them out with some insoles and are basically fine but not ideal.

    Given the savings were not significant I will probably buy them in store from now on. I've already had my say about the whole online/in store argument so won't repeat it here.
  4. I bought a pair of A* SMX-5 from the USA.

    I gambled and went with the same size shoe I would wear everyday. The size was perfect. I saved around $200.
  5. I like the sounds of that, because I have been looking at those in particular.
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    I purchased a* smx-2 in my everyday shoe size. Also found them a tad big, i also used insoles like the other guy now they are even more comfortable with gel heels and fit perfect. I wouldn't go down a size now
  7. I ended up going into the local shop and the sales person was busy so I just went and tried on some boots by myself, found a size I liked and left, in and out in 5 minutes. Turns out I was the same size as I am normally, so I grabbed some new S-MX 5 boots for just over $200 from the U.S compared to $399 in the store.

    They're in the mail now so hopefully not too far away :)
  8. I'm thinking of doing the same with a pair of Sidi Vertigo Boots which are ~$500 here but can be found for $300 in the US. My only hesitation is support - I had a failure on a pair of SMX-5's bought in a bricks & mortar store after owning them for 8 months and A* replaced them no questions asked.
  9. What US store did you buy your boots from?
  10. sportsbiketrackgear.com

    still havn't got them
  11. I did exactly the same but for A* SMX5 + 2011 model boots, a month before release saved 200 dollars appx. Sportbiketrackgear sorted me out for sizing they luckily told me to go a size down because the boots run a size large they were spot on for that. Perfect fit.
  12. Ah cool, thanks. I use them already. Great place to shop - never had any issues so far.
  13. when you guys say size, which do you normally refer to? The Euro or US/UK?

    say I normally wear a size 10-10.5 US, which is around 44Euro for most other boots and shoes, but alpinestars has their 44euro = size 9.5. RST has their 44 = size 11 US (which is about right with a tinny bit of extra room for me).

    so what should I be getting if I'm looking at alpinestars? The US or the Euro size? Drop one size down on which?

    I know the best way would be to try it in the shops, but it wouldn't be very nice to ask the salesperson to bring in various sizes, try them on, walk around in the store.. and say 'nah, i'm just kidding.. didn't plan on buying any'. 8-[
  14. I purchased Alpinestars SMX-5 when they came out a few years ago. I just guessed and got MY NORMAL SHOE SIZE, being a size 9. I think they are a 44? Anyway, they were spot on.

    More comfortable than most of my shoes actually.
  15. In A*s 9 is 43 and 9.5 is 44 euro. My current A*s are 44s but I'm a 9 in most shoes and my snowboard boots. With the 44s I have now my foot sloshes around a little bit more than I think it should. I've noticed that in AU its hard to find 43s normally they only import 42 and 44s. Long story short I took a gamble and purchased pair of Supertech R's in the 43, but atleast I can get the exact options I want (size, colour, vented) from STG. I chucked in a couple of pairs of titanium toe sliders aswell and the total price with shipping is still about $40 cheaper than I can find the boots in AU, but not the exact options I want.

    The shops over here stock nothing and ask top dollar. I'd rather support an australian store, but I've been casually looking for almost 2 months and haven't been able to find what I want so screw it, I'll buy overseas. If I'm going to drop $500 on a pair of boots I'm not going to settle for a pair that's slightly too big or a colour I don't like.