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Buying bikes interstate?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fizmotech, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. I have read a few posts like this, but hope to get some direct answers to see if this is logistically possible.

    Buying site unseen, is it possible to pay a mechanic to check it over prior to transferring the dollars?

    Transport, how much should i factor in for say qld to nsw, $300?

    Transferring rego, if i take it to RTA, will they discount for the rego left on the other states?

    Anything else i need to consider?
  2. Quick answer.
    Mechanic good idea
    Transport ~$400-500 depending on days you choose to transport
    Rego, the owner get the refund for remaining balance. Get them to remove it from the price you pay (get a quote from the transport state office you are buying from)
    In your home state you just take it as a new registration
  3. thanks transformer. so i basically have to make sure its road worthy in my state prior to buying, to be able to register as new.

    seems with the costs its probably not worth the headaches.
  4. Basicly, no point getting a roadworthy (from the seller) for the bikes in its home state as it is useless when you take it to your state.
  5. why wouldn't you get the seller to roadworthy the bike? the bit of paper might be useless in another state, but at least it ensures there is nothing to fix and no unexpected costs for when you get a local RWC. the requirements aren't different between states are they? you still need brakes to work.....