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buying bike unseen (Canberra) - anyone live here?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by transit, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Hi all, first post here and may i say what an awesome forum you have here! I've been reading old posts for about 3 hours now.

    Anyway, i'm looking for a used CBR 900 fireblade and can't find much available where i am... so i've started looking interstate and have found one in Canberra that i'm thinking of freighting up here to the Gold Coast in QLD.

    I don't want to go there to inspect personally due to work etc, so i'm looking for someone to inspect it for me. I've seen the pics and everything looks good except for a few small scratches on the rear of the fairing. It's a 1997 model and the owner says there is 14,800km on the odometer. The bike is being sold without rego and roadworthy and he's asking $6,500 negotiable.

    My questions are:

    1) Do you think the km are genuine? I reckon 14,800km for a 9-10 year old bike is a bit suspect. That equals about 1,600 - 1,650 km per year on average. What are the tell tale signs that the mileage is genuine? I know some guys disconnect the speedo to reduce the mileage.

    2) Can anyone recommend a bike inspector in the area of Canberra? Anyone live in Canberra and want to earn some $ having a look at it for me?

    3) Anything else i should be aware of buying sight unseen?


  2. The km's could very well be genuine, some people only ride weekends and in winter not every weekend etc.

    A good inspector will be able to tell, 14,800km isn't that much when you consider that's only just past it's 3rd scheduled service km wise (should do one every year even if not putting many km's on though) so if it's been garaged it should be in pretty good condition.

    Try typing "inspection" into the search engine, I think there's been some threads about who does them. I know there's a mob in Sydney doing it, they haggle the price down too apparently.
  3. By all means get someone else to inspect, but for final purchase head there yourself.

    I've had a mate by 3 bikes off ebay this way. Bought them and rode them back each time.