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buying bike rack from overseas (USA)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by daedalus, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. hi

    i am after a rack for my kawasaki GPX250.

    racks in australia costs so much. $460 (with bag), $360 (without bag) for a piece of metal...

    therefore can anyone recomend me an online retailer in the USA that sells bike racks? preferably that ships to australia, but shipping to USA only is fine as my USA friend can ship to me

  2. i could, but they'd only sell you a ventura rack anyway... so it's a rather pointless endeavour... ventura has the world market nicely pawned...and good for them.
    plenty of cheap crappy racks on ebay though, only downside being they are cheap and crap.
  3. Or get a GIVI from overseas. Trouble is finding a european seller that ships to Australia.

    Rack prices in australia are a bloody joke. $360 for two pieces of 30mm ID / 3mm wall square tube? What, 2 metres, with some mounts drilled in?

    The rest of the frame is pretty easy, you can take it to any metal fabricator and they will bend it for dirt cheap into the rack shape you want.
  4. so ventura everywhere is expensive? even in the USA?
  5. Try the wreckers or ebay, you might have to wait till something pops up but pop up it will.
  6. Ventura owned/manufactured in NewZealand. (two islands south east of Australia).
    so buying from the states can't save you money... it's impossible.
  7. I am going to attempt making my own rack next week. I'll let you know how it goes.
  8. well surely there are other cheaper but good quality brands that people from the USA would buy?
  9. Have you looked at a second hand rack? Surely there are a few hanging on the wall of your local wreckers?
  10. back when i had a 250 i wanted a rack. checked fleabay and scored a cheap one. only thing was that it was not for my bike. no drama there. my intention was to modify the L brackets to fit the spada. stripped it, welded it, painted it to fit.
  11. Givi and Ventura. That's it.
  12. There used to be Gearsack (Australian, aren't they?), but they only do bags these days.
  13. A UK company called Renntec apparently makes sells racks, too (I was looking at engine cages). Example:

    Please excuse the double post, there was a large time gap and new information.

    EDIT: Having read a few things, it sounds like Renntec's welding is shoddy. Might want to give them a miss.
  14. yeah, theres also a german brand, Riderhaus/5stars... i think Puig makes racks too.
    no-one has model specific fitting list as comprehensive as Ventura.
    i don't know of anyone else who makes one for a GPX2fiddy.
    shipping from the UK/Europe costs a packet.. cost more than from the states.
    i would'nt be surprized if the cost associated with Ventura racks has something to do with meeting ADR compliance here. ... some racks might interfere with indicators or something.

    Oscars answer wins, wreckers/flea bay...just get any ventura rack from the wreckers and get someone to fab it to fit and a can of fiddlybits spray paint.