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Buying bike on Gumtree

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ssadam, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. I've been looking on Gumtree for my next bike as it seems more user friendly and informative than Bikesales as well as having more bikes on it. I wonder however whether more written off and damaged bikes get put on Gumtree than Bikesales and you need to be more careful with your purchases here. Any thoughts anyone?

  2. Caveat Emptor wherever you buy, as long as you can check it out physically it should be no different to anywhere else.
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  3. Gumtree is owned by eBay, and you'd have to hope that they are as careful about vetting sellers on it as they are on their own site.....
  4. Gumtree is great. No matter where u buy a bike from always do a history check for $10 online.
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  5. Hello,

    I bought my bike off gumtree but I went to view first and also checked on RTA while I was there of the owner. Owner was genuine as his wife just had a newborn and they needed the extra money, a reluctant sale for him but I was a genuine buyer and I look after my bike, so thats all he was worried about as his was brand new looking and well taken care of. I travelled a little further then what I wanted but sometimes thats what you have to do to get what you want, and some people don't want to travel so more chance to get a good price from genuine seller.
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    Be aware when selling on gumtree ! A mate from work put his sons gsxr on there and got a txt msg asking if he still had the bike, he replied yes and received nothing more that night. He was woken up at 2am by a bang got up and looked out window to see garage door smashed open a ute backed up to the door and 2 guys walking in garage and a 4wd out front . He went And walked past back of the ute to get the guys in the garage not realising a person was in ute the ute slammed into reverse and swept him off his feet into ute and slammed his legs into the garage pillar then took off leaving him on the ground, the 2 in the garage ran off , somehow he got up and got to 4wd a grabbed the guy by the throat but the driver took off with him hanging through the door. As speed was picking up mate let go and fell onto road the 4wd stopped up the road turned back around and floored it and tried to run over my mate who was hobbling off the road.

    My mate was taken to hospital and got all sorts of leg injuries broken bone stuffed Achilles and all banged up, be off work for at least six weeks.

    On reflection a couple of days later he realised that he had put his address on the gumtree ad online. Bad mistake ! Cops said gumtree is the thiefs favorite because of the addresses are easily accessed.

    Bad thing was bike was not even there !!!!
    So be careful people selling bikes these pricks are everywhere apparently.
    Hope the cops catch these scum of the earth pricks soon.
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  7. Bought and sold my first bike on gumtree and then bought my 2nd. Both sellers and the buyer were champions.

    Did get some tool idiots come to look at my bike. One even said "I can buy a car for that money" I said yeah - they are the ones with 4 wheels???

    But yeah, if selling never give out any details or addresses until you call them back on their number.
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    Agreed with most of that, & especially, taking precautions with punters. (above) Unsure if your addy is accessible when you supply a phone # ? Web check with reverseaustralia, duckduckgo (& mr google).
    With fleabay or any real time auction house it is understood that items are "all faults" or A/F. Applies to most second hand sales in fact & note that if the item is electrical & hurts you or damages something AND you can prove it, the seller is culpable. As always, buyer beware is the order of the day & unless your mechanically minded ALWAYS get an inspection by a registered mechanic ... check the compression (if a multi, all pots must have similar reading) a title check is a must do.
  9. No problem if you take precautions both buying and selling. Common sense rules, and don't be too hasty to buy or sell if it doesn't feel right!
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  10. as above do your research. Get a VIN and check it for problems with an online Revs Check (or whatever they are called these days) if you want to buy.

    Bought my last 2 bikes on Gumtree and had zero issues.;)