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Buying bike just off of LAMS, old or new?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mattizie, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm sure this has been discussed millions of times, but anyway. I'm looking to buy my second bike (the other one got written off SMIDSY in a wet round about). And I have got a list of bikes and preferences/limits. However what I really want to know is how safe/worth it is buying a second hand bike? Or how old is too old, and how many Kms should be expected. I don't really have anyone in my family to ask/take with me to see the bike before I buy it, and will have to rely on the netrider article about buying second hand (thanks so much for that).

    I've also read a fair bit about the kawasaki er-6f, which is pretty much ideal, except that one thing that annoyed me about the ninja 250 was moving to ride it very hard to get it to go anywhere, will the er-6f be similar because once I get used to it it'll feel boring? Or is there enough power to keep you on your toes?

    Here are a list of preferences (used to commute and occasional group rides):
    budget is about $6,500
    don't usually carry a pillion during commuting, but would like to during my spare time, so therefore a pillion seat that isn't TOO uncomfortable would be great
    not too bulky (ease of filtering)
    not a naked/cruiser/dirtbike/motard:

    honda cbr
    2001 cbr 600 f4i
    1998 HONDA CBR 1100 "blackbird"
    2000 HONDA CBR600 F
    2002 KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-6R (ZX636)
    2003 KAWASAKI ZX-6RR

    suzuki gsxr
    2002 SUZUKI GSX-R1000
    2003 SUZUKI GSX-R600

    2000 YAMAHA YZF-R6

    If anyone has any of the above could you please leave your 2c as to the good/bad?

    Again, should I stay away from early 2000's or late 90's bikes or not?

    sorry if there is too much to answer but it's a really difficult decision.

    cheers, and thanks in advance :)

  2. ZX636's are very good bikes
  3. Actually I don't think this is a bad question at all...
    I had my heart set on a ZX636 myself, but then realised I wanted to tour the countryside and it wasn't the most appropriate tool for that.
    Ended up on a bike I'd never thought of (GSX650F), purely because a mate was selling it and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. It turned out perfectly and I couldn't be happier almost 12 months later...

    My advice therefore, is to think about what you want to do on it and keep an open mind about all sorts of bikes that will suit that purpose.
  4. +1 to that
  5. So 12 year old bikes with 30k kms should be fairly reliable then. I quite liked the zx636, is the pillion seat very uncomfortable?
    Thanks for the replies so far. It's a very difficult decision, especially with so much choice!
  6. Another thumbs up here for the 636, great bike and alot of fun to ride, not too uncomfy to ride for prolonged periods and certainly enough get up and go when needed to give you a thrill!
  7. My sprint is 12 years old with 30K on the clock - other than some rubber that needed replacing its been perfect so far.

    Bought mid November the only things I've done are a service - and put almost 3000k's on it since I've had it.
  8. Haggle better :)

    I paid a dealer $6k for a 2006 blackbird with 45,000km on the clock with some useful modifications - Akra exhaust, Power Commander, tank protector, luggage rack, etc

    It's a big bike, but shrinks very quickly as it gets moving and you get used to it....no problem to filter through traffic, even if loaded up with luggage and a pillion. Just watch the weight when manouvring at low speed.

    The power delivery is very progressive, keep the revs below 5-6k and will trundle round at low speed quite happily....although the cooling system will cook your legs if you spend a lot of time in stationary/low speed traffic. Above 6k it gets more exciting very quickly without ever feeling strained...even at 275+!

    They have a reputation as excellent mile munchers - I've comfortably done over 1000km in a day, and averaged 700km/day over a week without feeling like I've been stuffed in a barrel.

    Blackbirds seem to last a long time if looked after, there are some around with 250k+ on the original engine - bodywork and parts are expensive, so it's worth getting someone to look over a second hand bike professionally.
  9. For $6,500 you could get better/newer bikes than those.............its a buyers market at the moment. I basically bought a great 2006 ZX6R 636 with some top mods for $5,000 (although that might just be a one off bargain).

    Id start looking at forums first, for a kawa look at the KSRC forum they usually have reasonable prices there............after looking at various forums trawl through ebay, gumtree, bikesales and the Formula Xtreme classifieds.

    As for the ZX6R 636 I agree its a great bike with a great engine, it feels like it has more pull from down low than the comparable 600cc bikes which is perfect for the streets.
  10. Saw this on bikesales, seems like its had an off but if its only fairings damage thats wrong with the bike then thats a pretty good deal.

    Theres a whole bunch of 05 and 06 ZX6R thats $7,000.......im sure you could knock it down to your price (or even lower).


    Bike: 2006 KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-6R (ZX636)
    Price: $5,000*
    Odometer: 9,236 kms
    Long Comments: Rides well.selling bike lost my license.1 year rego_ONO or make an offer
  11. Thanks for all the replies, unfortunately i'm in vic, and i'm not too keen on travelling too far, nice '06 636 though.

    I've found a VFR 800 that looks promising, and organising to see a 2002 636, hopefully i'll be joining you on some rides soon enough!