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NSW buying bike from Vic?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robeel, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. hi guys,

    i need to know how much it will cost to register a bike in sydney NSW brought from Vic? about how much total? it's a rvf400, has rego & rwc in melbourne.

    will i have any problems? & what exactly needs to be done? what do i need to confirm, find out?

    also will i be able to insure the bike before it is transported? incase anything happens on the trip.
    any reccomendations which insurance companys do so?

    i'm pretty sure shannons does this with classic cars.

  2. Hi,

    I bought my bike in Brizzy and brought it to NSW. I paid $300-$350 for the transportation and iirc that was under the transporters insurance. The bike was trucked no rego, no insurances.

    Once here, the bike needed a blue slip (~$50), ctp (no option to buy 3 or 6 months since it is a fresh registration you must take 12 months cost i dont remember) rta fees ($200 odd bucks i think)(~$50) and insurance.

    I think all up i remember paying around $1100 but CTP got significantly cheaper the next month.

    Good luck
  3. thanks a lot paul.

    which transporter did you use? & were you happy with them? was it door to door?

    what bike was it? what cc? & they didn't make you do a rta inspection? VIIU i think it is?

    anyone else done it?
  4. I googled for bike shippers, i was really regretting it. They are agents that look for spots available on trucks and then put their margin on and pass it along. I wish i remember the agents name I'd post it so you don't end up using them.

    I got the direct details of the truck driver, in future i'd contact the driver directly. I don't know if it's any cheaper but the agent gave me all these lies and excuses on why the bike was late and where the bike even was. Once I spoke with the driver directly he was actually oblivious to what the agent had been telling me and had just making is way down and picking bikes up along the way.

    The thing is, you go with an agent, the truck breaks down (happened in my case) they can easily put it on another truck (which they did, but they didn't want to tell me that!) go with the driver direct, truck breaks down you might be left waiting but at least you'll have good lines of communications as to where your bike is etc etc

    Feel free to search the forum I may have posted up the trucker's name when i got the bike delivered, I've forgotten now!

    I just got the blue slip inspection. It was a ninja 636 and delivery was door to door.
  5. no worries, thanks mate.

    it wasn't a company called 1300-bike-move?/www.motorbiketransport.com.au?
  6. Yes indeed it was! The lady I talked with was terrible. Couldn't tell me where the bike was, when it was coming. Then she just straight out lied to me about when it would come when she knew full well it wouldn't be there at that time. What a hassle. She didn't tell me the truck broke down and it's been transferred to another truck etc etc