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Buying bike from overseas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Riderman, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Hi netriders,

    Has anyone seen/heard about these sites which seem to sell bikes for so cheap?


    I have the means of shipping it into Australia, just wondering what the process is to get it registered.

    Too good to be true?

  2. ask yourself this -- if it was possible do you think people would already be doing it and the value of the second hand market would be nearly zero at the prices quoted there

    Good luck trying to get a compliance plate

    if its just a bush basher on private land and never to be registered then go for it
  3. Beaten to it.
    Yes, the only entity that can issue the compliance plate is the one that paid for the compliance testing (the official importer). Without it you're illegal, unless the vehicle is 25 years old(?) or for off-road use. Even then there may still be fees and licenses required.
  4. What the guys above said. My brother, who also rides, recently bought himself a '04 CBR1000RR as his Track bike. Whilst the bike is in great condition for its age and km (33,000km), it is an Import = No compliance plate. This doesn't bother him as his bike was purchased for track use only but this is something people have to consider if purchasing a bike from overseas, with the intention of registering it for road use.

    Research this matter more, if you haven't done so already, Riderman. Good luck.
  5. Cant be right. A 1098 for under $300US
  6. I might look for a new track bike at this place
  7. Fark me! There is a K6 gsxr1000 for $2400! I'd snap that up for a track bike for sure, but

    1. They are in China
    2. They want you to pay by transfer or western union..

    Too good to be true I reckon
  8. Insist on a escrow service if they dont know what it is or refuse then its a scam

    or if doing it via a bank put conditions on the transfer that the money is not released untill a bill of lading is received

    The banks then work as a escrow service

    you > tell your bank what you are doing give details of the seller and their bank and your money

    your bank > contacts the seller bank and says - we have this money on hold for your customer which we will release when we are given a bill of lading for goods our customer is buying from your customer

    Their bank tells them > once you get us a bill of lading for the goods we will pass it to the buyers bank who will release the money to us and then we will release the money to you

    Costs you about $50 to do this via the bank from the last time i remember doing it
  9. Guys, this place in China advertising these 'cheap' bikes - could you post the link ? I am suspecting it to be a company I was referred to ~ 1yr ago.

    I emailed them, shonky, in-complete replies...never got the answers to my questions...and yes, living in Hong Kong at the time, I even mentioned I'd pop in for a visit to pick and choose a bike and other items.

    Be careful with these folk, if it's the same outfit. Off memory, I had to register as a member on their website, which required disclosing some information...and yes, a 1098, or an R1, or a 'Busa for US$300 got my attention as well.

    DO NOT TRANSFER ANY MONEY INTO THEIR ACCOUNTS till you know the 'real deal'... this is what I asked them time and time again.. and the replies, as stated above were NEVER complete or fully answered.

    I know, for a fact through experience abroad, that labour laws in Asia differ significantly to what we're accustomed to, in our 'Western' world - what you pay for, might definitely not be what you receive...and once a transaction is complete, even the world's best lawyers won't be able to help you afterwards...

    I 'cannot' (a word Hong Kong locals use frequently) emphasise enough the word 'CAUTION' here. Take care.
  10. If it seems to good to be true, try running into a brick wall a few times, It will hurt less and be cheaper in the long run.
  11. That is a well known scam site guys. Think about it logically, even if they buy the bikes direct from the factory the ex-factory price (i.e. the price local importers such as Suzuki Australia pay) is around half the Australian RRP.

    Given that, it is impossible for this mob in China to sell the bikes at the prices they claim.