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Buying bike from interstate dealership

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Julien, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Hi guys

    I have been keeping an eye on bikesales.com.au for my next bike and it seems that there are a number of fairly new second hand ones sold in QLD (I'm in NSW). Some of them are sold by dealerships.

    Would that be crazy to buy a bike from interstate without going there to see the bike?
  2. Buying a bike without test riding is a risk. At least visually inspect it for signs of damage, rust, start & run the motor etc.

    During my recent ride to Augusta WA, I met a chap from QLD where he flew over to WA to inspect and bought a near new BMW R1200 GS. He then toured the South West of WA with the bike, staying overnight at budget caravan parks and will ride back across the Nullarbor to QLD.

    If you have found a bike you really want and the price is right, why not fly over to QLD as air fares in the Eastern States are really cheap. Look around and upon purchase, just ride back as it should be fun. You will also need to look into getting the bike registered in NSW plates.

    Life is a journey with 2 wheels. Good luck.
  3. any rego on the bike you will lose when you reregister it back in your own state..

    i've just bought a bike off ebay QLD recently as it was a pretty good price and shipped it back to victoria... i couldnt have been happier with it.. cost about $350 in shipping...

    but a couple of years back i bought a Goldwing unsighted as well out of Sydney... i flew up and rode it home as i wanted to do the ride.... so plane fares, 3 nights stopover, food and fuel... burnt a bit of a hole in my pocket compared to shipping it down but like i said, it was a ride that i had wanted to do ;)
  4. Get yourself a bit of a reputation on here then ask a NR local to have a look at it on your behalf. Plenty of us would be willing to do that for a fellow rider and plenty already have. All care and no responsibility of course but its a start. Often independent eyes work better anyway.

    You'll just be up for shipping and home state reg (and insurance!)
  5. With such a big variance in the cost of new bikes state-to-state, I have been considering buying a new bike interstate. Would the best idea therefore be to buy the bike unregistered and have it road freighted to me? Any pitfalls in doing this? Eg compliance / registration / taxes?

    Really surprised at the difference in price Qld and SA dealers are compared to NSW, generally speaking.

  6. yes, buy it unregistered and get it freighted... from there take it to a dealership for a RW and register it in your state... can be some big differences in freight companies too.. so be careful of that..
  7. Thanks for your help so far guys.

    I am trying to work out the cost of bringing a bike from interstate.

    I will get some quotes from freight companies and pre-purchase inspection people (it might be cheaper than having to fly interstate - and those guys would know what they're doing when inspecting the bike...).

    Does anyone know how much I would be up for to change the registration to NSW of a second hand bike currently registered in QLD??

  8. Ive actually bought a Goldwing down from the Gold Coast.
    Cost me $250.00 to Register + $ 350.00 to Transport with Fergo's.

    The only hitch is the waiting time.. 2 weeks!!!! :busting:
  9. I don't think you can, unless you are moving with the vehicle.

    In my experience, the original owner will have to cancel the rego in queensland and hand in the plates. Then you'll have to take it down to NSW, get a NSW safety certificate, CTP certificate, and pay the rego & new plate fee. And of course, stamp duty. You'll also be up for any repairs picked up for the NSW safety certificate (if it is more stringent that the queensland one).

    So, it may not be worth your while.
  10. Also check the backloaders they tend to be cheaper, I got a quote for $300 but another freight company was $250 + GST port to port though so ensure that your nearby one otherwise the cost of bringing it directly to your home will add up too ;)
  11. I bought my bike off Ebay, sight unseen, but with lots of additional photos and several phone conversations.
    Freighted to Canberra from Melbourne within a week (cost $280) and the bike was exactly as described and discussed.
    No problems at all.