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Buying bike from insurance company?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Noodie Pooh, May 17, 2007.

  1. Hi all, have been toying with the idea of building a new toy.

    I'm not sure how or if it is possible to buy a bike from an insurance company? I would think that this would be the cheapest option to get my hands on a write-off, correct?

    Any of you have any knowledge on this subject matter?

    Pooh appriciates your comments! :grin:
  2. insurance companies will not sell u a bike directly

    is where there bikes go.

    Its taillight warranty so byer beware.
    u will not get a chance to try and start em.
    most of em come without keys+dmg forks rims
    Most of them are crashed but other wise mechanicly able.
    ive bough 4 bikes this way and been happy with the results.
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  4. Write-offs

    I worked at Bob Martin Engineering for 3 years & the amount of people that came in with 'bargains' from auctions discovering how much was actually damaged & how much to repair was an experience. Costs of bodywork/paint & repairs, frame/forks/wheel/disc straightening all adds up to big $. You are better off buying secondhand & having a reputable motorcycle mechanic do a pre purchase inspection. I would also check the legal side of things as there has been changes in registration of written off vehicles now needing 'VIV" certificate before rego. :(
  5. I looked into this a while ago and it was basically going to cost an additional $1500 in inspections and certificates to get it on the road after it was brought up to RWC standard.

    Though I would assume for most people doing a build $1500 isn't a bit deal as they would be doing it for the love rather than to try and be cheap.
  6. And MUCH more expensive for some reason? Perhaps it's because they are closer to the boguns looking for a 'fully sik R1 mate'! :p
  7. Thanks guys, will have a look at your info.

    Keep'em coming! :)
  8. Awwww honey...you buildin me a bike! You're so kind *hugs* :LOL:
  9. Maybe!?!

    Better get you full license soon. I don't think I'll bother messin around with 2fitty. :grin:
  10. I HAVE my full licence doof, just still on restrictions :p

  11. When you're happy to have more than 250cc between your legs, give me a call!!! :grin:
  12. ........
  13. Re: Write-offs

    That is clearly the key to this.

    Know what you're doing,
    Know how to fix it yourself.
    Know what you should be paying and how much repairs will be before you buy.
  14. wink wink, nudge nudge eh :LOL: :p
  15. If you after a track bike, then I'd buy a bike from pickles or fowles.

    A mate of mine wrote off his 06 R1, it was mechanically fine, 12000kms, slight scratch in frame & new fairings needed, Ins co asked him if he wanted to buy it back, he said no, and we found out later that it sold at auction for $5900. at that price it was a bargin, and I wish I had the money to but it, cos it would not have cost much to turn it in to a track bike.
  16. Was more thinking about a streetfighter, but trackbike would suit as well. :)
  17. PM Glitch,or is it glitch oz,I forget,but he's the man in the know of these matters.May not want to give you all his trade secrets though :LOL: