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Buying an unregistered bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bjornzzz, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Hey all, as the title states, how would I go about buying an unregistered bike privately?

    It does not come with rego or RWC, and since it's my first bike, i don't really want to be stung with a dud if I purchase it. Is it Ok for me to take the bike for a RWC inspection and then make a purchase, or do I have to purchase it and then buy the bike. Or is any bike "mechanic" willing to have a look at the bike with me? :)
  2. I know it's not the answer you want but I would strongly advise a first timer against buying an unregistered bike. It might appear cheaper, but once you've paid for the RWC, any work required (and it will need work to get it or it would have one regardless of what the seller tells you) and 6 months rego, unless it's very cheap indeed it will have cost you as much as an identical but rego'd example.

    I also seem to recall that you can't do a REVS check on an unrego'd vehicle (though I may be wrong on this), which makes it a risk as to whether the bike is dodgy or not.
  3. Not sure what state you are in but from the RTA (NSW) website:


    Pat B is dead right about the risks and definitely factor in the cost of rego etc into the purchase price but one thing I found when buying a bike for my Ls was that a lot of the bikes are unregistered. A lot of the time when people move on to their second bike they don't sell the first one and then when the rego come up for renewal they just let it lapse....that and the fact that they have unrealistic expectations about the value of their bike and cant sell it for the price they originally hoped for

    Dont forget the cost of towing the bike to wherever you are going to get the RWC done

    There are plenty of mechanics who will go and check out a bike for a fee.

    A search of the forum should turn up one in your area
  4. buy registered. don't give yourself a headache first time round.
  5. You can get the history checked using the Vin No.
    I would also ask the seller to have a RWC done before any commitment... will cost about 40 bucks.
    If the seller cant be arsed... then neither should you... c ya!!
    The rest is like any risk with buying second hand.. rego'd or not.
  6. I bought my first bike, without RWC and without Rego for $4500, which was at the limit of what I could afford at the time - it cost me $7000 in total by the time I got it on the road, so you have to be cautious.

    That said, when it came time to upgrade I was able to sell mine on for the $7000 I paid to get it on the road, so it's a case of picking your battles.
  7. wow, Grumpy, same story as me, brought from auctions at $2600- (bargain yea ?) unreg etc, drop off at mechanics.... ride away with 6 month REGO at $3700- ish, but still hopefully wont lose money like yourself as its a VTR250 05 model.
    strongly against buying unreg bike as a first bike, to many dramas.
    peace OuT
  8. random thread revival there :)
  9. re registering it is easy but the dangers of the bike being a dud is high. I went through this a couple of months ago. I would have been better off buying a more expensive bike in the first place, the only good thing with mine is that now I know that the bike is in good condition mechanically (after the mechanic had his way :p).

    I dont suggest buying a cheapo, unregistered bike with unknown mechanical troubles.
  10. I'm thinking of purchasing a full model bike in a few months. Does anyone know WHAT to look for when inspecting an unregistered bike? I know simple things like brake pads > 1mm, tires with thread, reflectors, blinkers.... but I'm sure there are more.
  11. i wouldnt touch a bike without RWC. My bike HAD a RWC, yet still had lots of little missing bits/small problems that the road worthy inspector missed. I can't imagine how many problems id find if it wasnt registered
  12. Even if there was any merit in doing this (which there probably isn't even for a professional bike mechanic), not owning bikes previously is a real disqualifier for this option.

    Getting any unregistered vehicle registered is a total nightmare; being privately done they'd expect like new condition. I know that my bike would never pass their requirements & the same would be true for most of our bikes.
  13. If you cant do the work yourself it wont be worth the headache.
    If you dont have a GOOD mate/relative who can do the work with you, Its not worth the headache.
    If you cant test ride it first, its a big risk.
    In vic for a 400cc bike if its unreg and needs a viv you can add $1000 to the price before you do any work on it.

    I've bought a few bikes, only 2 of them had rwc (vic) and most of them had no rego. My first couple of bikes my father showed me what to do and how to do it, after that I've done the lot myself, learning as you go.
    The best comment I got was a GPZ900r I hd in Darwin, took it over the pits for reg and inspection officer took one look and said "if youre game enough to ride it, I'm game enough to register it".
  14. Sorry, what is a 'viv'? And why do I need to pay $1000 before doing any work?

    The bike I have in mind is a 2008 model with 7000km on the clock. The owner lost interest in riding and let rego run out a while ago. Bike has been sitting in garage since.