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Buying an interstate bike - whats involved?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ptb, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. I'm looking for a VTR250 and a dude has a reasonably priced one on here, however I'm in the road revenue capital of Australia and the bike is in NSW.

    Before I bribe someone a slab of beer or fine scotch to do a pre-purchase inspection, what's involved in transferring it to Victoria?

  2. The interstate bike is the sirens call. Not as it seems. Buy local
  3. Roadwothyness certificate, ownership papers,Identity proof,Stamp duty,money. It is like a new registration
  4. I've done it, it's not too bad, but there can be some traps.

    If the bike is currently registered in NSW, you will need to cancel the NSW rego & hand the plates in to vic roads, they wil give you a credit that you send to the RTA & get a refund.

    Then, you need a Vic RWC, even if it's got a NSW one, it's useless here & it doesn't specifically mean that it will be RW here in Vic.

    So, if you're willing to take the chance, it might work out ok, but it also might bite you on the arse with extra work needed for a vic RWC.

    If getting one in vic with RWC & Rego is less than $600 difference, I'd buy that one.
  5. Make sure you work out all the costs of all the inspections it might need before they will let you rego it. i remember when i bought a nsw bike and regod it in the act, i had to get blueslip done and then a few more vehical identiy checks to make sure it was not stolen.

    All of these things cost money so factor it in and buy local if its not worth the hassle.

    Considering you want a VTR250 and they are hardly a rare bike, just wait until you find one locally that you are interested in buying, i bought my bike (hornet) interstate because its a rare bike and there werent any in the ACT.
  6. Gotchya, will wait and buy locally.

  7. VTR250 in Victoria! Never happen......

    Oh wait......look at this
  8. The one in the classifieds here was/is $2200 - a damn sight cheaper than most on bikesales.
  9. Just go wave $2200 cash in front of people even if they are asking much more. The worse that will happen is that they say no. They might take it if they have the wife at them.