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Buying aftermarket laptop battery (MacBook Pro)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. I have a virtually dead battery (A1175) in my laptop and need a new one. Has anyone purchased one outside of the apple store? If so, what is a reputable seller of these that doesn't make batteries that die within a month?

    Apple store is no go. I'm not going to spend 20% of the price of a new laptop on a battery.
  2. Check out ebay, I scored a battery for my old Toshiba for about $50, it only held full charge for maybe 7 or 8 months before it started dying and now 2 years later I could get maybe 25 mins out of it, but I think it was money well spent.
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  4. Be a little cautious of ebay, so many batteries among other things are fully marked and appear genuine but are absolutely shithouse. Best off going to a reputable place in person if possible, or a battery specialist online (eg, hawkeye's example).
  5. I think Battery World sells laptop batteries ???
  6. The dodgiest ones are usually those claiming mAh ratings well above the original batteries rating.

    Pay a little more, and buy from a reputable looking HK or Aus seller and you should be fine. I've bought generic batteries for a range of cameras, laptops, etc. which worked just as well as the original (or in some cases better), but cost only a fraction of the price. There is after all only a limited number of factories manufacturing the cells used in battery packs - and I highly doubt Apple has one of their own.
  7. that's the issue. I have not found one seller with a good reputation on this specific battery (A1175). Some people say their battery life is decent, but the vast majority speak of rapidly dropping mAh outputs, and batteries not holding any charge within a few months down to a few weeks. I've sent the aussie-battery group an email and see what sort of guarantee they can offer.
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  9. Ended up grabbing one from aussie battery. They aren't just a faceless shop set up in someones garage.

    This issue with ebay feedback is that you aren't giving feedback on the rpoduct, but the seller. You also give the feedback soon after delivery rather than a month later. Many people have found as they try to contact the seller a few months later about warranty issues, the seller becomes unusually uncontactable. Amazon is usually a decent market and will put through cash back claims even if the seller doesn't want to touch it.
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