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Buying Advice? Vmoto? Bolwell?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by veebs, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I am looking into the various scooters on the market and I have narrowed the field down to 2 possibles:

    vmoto Monaco (125cc)
    Bolwell Arriba XS (150cc)

    I have ridden a Piaggio Liberty 125 in the past and was quite impressed. I'm not too interested in the little 50cc 2 stokes (too many hills around here!)

    Has anyone ridden either of these bikes? Good points? Bad Points?

    Is there a model you think falls in the same category thats worth a look?

    Thanks heaps!

  2. If you liked the Liberty, perhaps the Kymco (Bug) Espresso might be worth a look. Its a 150cc too. Havent ridden one but it is obviously styled off the Liberty and should be a fair bit cheaper i'd think.

    My personal preference out of teh two you mentioned would be the Bolwell. So far i have never heard any major complaints with any Bolwell product. Vmoto's are a good product but just from what i've seen they are not built to the same standard as the Bolwell. I stress that is only my experience and there are obviously many very happy Vmoto owners.

    Other than that, i'd go and try as many different models as you can because they really do all differ a lot.

    good luck.
  3. At the risk of being black-catted by someone here goes-I bought a Bolwell Euro MX 150cc with set top box, helmet(full face), gloves and a textile jacket for 5.2K including ORC. I liked the finish and quality of the Euro over the TGB series of scooters and it fitted into my budget. I had to travel a bit to get it, but it beat the shit out of anything that I could get in Nowra by a long way. It goes like the proverbial( max 120kmh). My only small gripe would be that I have to get it serviced in wollongong, having bought it in Sydney (scooteria).
    The boys at work take the piss, but most of them soon ask how much and what does it cost to run, then take the piss again.......... :grin: :shock: :grin:
  4. I don't know either of these models but I had a Bolwell scoot before and was happy with its quality, performance and overall value for money. I also have an impression there are a few people around who are not too happy with Vmoto... so I'd say, Bolwell seems like a good choice.
  5. Thanks for the awesome responses! i was leaning towards the Bolwell, this simply helps confirm it. I'll certainly have a look at the bug before doing anything!
  6. i own a vmoto, no issues but its only a 50cc as there is no hills in my area. id stills ay spend the extra money and buy a Bolwell. from all reports better build quality etc tho i do find my monza a hell of a lot more comfortable to ride than most the 50ccs around. simple fact its a two seater as opposed to a single seater so has so much more leg room and seat space i generally sit on the second seat platform as opposed to looking like the squashed up little scooter riders u see elsewhere.. this ofcourse is onmy monza not on the bike your looking at.

    take them both for extencive rides find some hills do the same hills in the same conditions and see wat works out best for you.

    good luck
  7. It seems i'm not allowed to PM you, so i'll ask it in a public forum - where abouts in Wollongong can you get you scoot serviced?
  8. The bowell shark is another scoot you should look at. This scoot comes in a 50cc or a 150cc. Ive ridden the 50cc version and it handles well. It has a huge front rim mounted brake on it so it could probably do a stoppy if any scoot could, but even so the extra braking performance could keep you out from under some stupid car driver.
    Plenty of storage, but the fuel filler is in the tail making it a bit of a haslle with a top box.
  9. I own a TGB RS303 150cc, I absolutely love it, never had any trouble with it (it's got a 2 year warranty), and it only cost me $3900 brand new.
  10. Why not look at a cb250? They'd be just as cheap on fuel, parts would cost a fraction in comparison and anyone can service it.
    I honestly can't see the attraction of scooters, the basic design is flawed, particularly for high speed motorways that cover much of this country.
  11. The CB250 might be cheap to run and service, but I don't really like the look of it. It reminds me of the bikes they make you ride when going for your L's. Thanks for the suggestion though!

    For my purposes (commute to uni), the scooter design is perfect - if i want to go somewhere using those high speed motorways, i'll take my nice comfy car... :)
  12. I've got a Bolwell Arriba XS (150cc) 45,000 K and still going strong.