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Buying advice on dropped VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sireddie, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    After having a license for about 4 years its finally time for me to buy my first bike :)

    I've decided that the Honda VTR250 is a good choice as a first bike as it is within reach finacially and I like the look plus I won't kill myself in the first week (touch wood).

    I went and saw a 2005 model with 12 500 Ks on the clock today. I followed the "Used Motorcycle Evaluation Guide" and checked as much as possible without putting the bike on a stand. Everything seemed fine so I took it for a spin and everything was good. Great ride. Engine sounds great and it goes through the gears great.

    The only problem is that it has been dropped so it has some damage. Rear fairing is scratched, tank is slightly scratched, spedometer is scratched as well as the clutch handle. It doesn't seem to have been a dropped at high speeds as it only seems to be cosmetic damage. Oh, the fuel tank seems a bit loose too, but it looks to be untightened screews only. Other than that I could hear some slight squeaking from the front shocks when depressed and from the rear brake when applied at speeds.

    Redbook lists the bike between 4200 and 4900. I'm not too fussed about the cosmetic damage, but as I will most likely be upgrading in a year or so, I don't want to pay too much that I won't be able to get back eventually.

    Can someone give me an indication on how much a resonable price would be for this bike?

  2. hard to say. The only problem I can think of is the forks being twisted slightly, though that wouldn't really matter new to riding. Only a couple hundred to fix anyway.

    What is more important than how much will it cost to buy is how much do you have left over and in store for future. Factor in services every 5k with bigger services 10-15k. they are a couple. Tyres will need replacing roughly every 10k, 500 a set. Insurance, you going full or third party? What gear have you bought and what are you still to get? You planning on doing any rider training courses? They don't have to be advanced, can be as simple as on-road skills - that is one I highly recommend to friends who start riding. What riding are you going to be doing? comuting or leasure?

    Now that those questions are asked, what is the seller asking? I generally don't care about drop damage as long as bits aren't hanging off. If you are buying a learner bike second hand it's more or less expected. The way I see it is 4.2 is a steal, 4.9 is a bargain. Redbook prices are generally innaccurate as people don't put what they actually paid for it on the transfer form in order to reduce the cost. I wouldn't expect to see change from 5k. If the seller is offering it for less, i would be wondering why.

    Maybe check some spada's (vt250). Pretty much the same bike but older cheaper and imo better
  3. I would buy a training course first. Bike second. You've been out of it too long.

    Too hard to say what the right price is from a distance. Cosmetic damage is a bargaining point though. Tank damage is annoying - that can really drop the price.
  4. Based on my highly unscientific study of VTR250 crash damage, while that might not have been a high-speed drop per se, it certainly wasn't stationary - damage to the ducktail on a VTR isn't that common, and tank damage rarer still. In a totally stationary drop the only parts of a VTR250 which touch flat ground are the tyres, footpegs, muffler and bar-ends/levers.

    It could be worthwhile to get the forks checked, etc, by a mechanic if the force of the crash was enough to make the bars dent the fueltank (and scratch the instruments!)

    I'm not sure what the going rate for 6 year old VTR250s is these days but with extensive cosmetic damage like that, it ought to be discounted a tonne.
  5. A good idea is to ask the seller to meet you at a mechanic that you trust, (as long as it's not tooo much out of the way for the seller) If the tank is damaged or dented it will cost around $550 to repair. Seems a bit odd that the speedo is scatched, It is possible that a gutter may have been involved with the drop. I'd check the rims for damage also.

    Good Luck, I'd start low, less that 4K and see how that goes. Drop into the welcome lounge and do an intro too. :)
  6. I lowsided my VTR at a round-about in my first month of riding. 25,000 k's later and it's still going strong. Just adjusted the forks against a wall and it was ready to go. Also as you know it has been dropped already, you won't feel as bad if you drop it.

    They're tough little bikes.
  7. Hi guys,

    Thanks for all the good advice. I should have stated that I was very keen on the bike which meant that I pulled the trigger the day after I made my post! :)

    In the end I think I got a good deal at 4700 with lapsed rego (seller was asking for 5500).

    I might do a traning course when I get around to it as I have forgotten some of the stuff I learned 4 years ago. Have been to work back and forth a couple of times and I must say that I love the bike.

    That said, I feel like I have to take it a bit easy until I get my brain to do the shifting, indicating etc. automatically so that I can focus on the traffic and the actual riding.

    Will do some cleaning and maintenance this weekend if I get some time and also have a closer look at the fork. Thereafter I'll post in the introduction area with pics of my third love (after the missus and the 4x4 ;) ).

    Again, thanks for all the good advice.
  8. The VTR250 is a fantastic bike that you'll enjoy riding so that's the main thing.