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Buying ACT bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by conspiracytheorist, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. OK this is big ask and probably is very unfeasible, but here is the issue.

    I want to buy a bike in ACT. My plan is to go down tomorrow, to check it out. Problems:
    - I don't have full license
    - Want to get it inspected, but no bike mech would be open on a sunday
    - No banks open, so couldn't transfer the money
    - Not registered, so need to get temp rego (1 way pass) from act to sydney
    - Someone else will be checking the bike out on monday, and I want to be able to check it out tomorrow and agree to buy it as soon as its had its inspection done (monday)

    Very confusing situation..

    One idea I had would be for a fully licensed rider to drive down with me tomorrow, check the bike out, test ride - if all goes well, agree to buy it pending inspection monday morning.

    On monday morning I could go get the interim rego, then take bike to mech for inspection, and as long as that gets the green light, we go to bank and transfer the money. At which point whoever comes with me rides back to sydney, and I drive back.

    Possibly a very stupid idea, but I'm trying to think a way around the problems, as I would like this bike. Grateful for any ideas!
  2. If you got a towbar you can borrow my 7 x 4 box trailer.

  3. There are a number of ACT riders who can help you out.

    I know you've already spoken to James (qbn).
  4. Thanks a huge amount for the offer Alex, but I don't have a towbar and with no banks open I can't figure out a way to get him the money tomorrow.

    If theres some sort of way to get $5g out from the bank on a sunday then I could just buy it and leave it at a mates place down there till next weekend.
  5. Why the rush?

    My advice is to take your time because anything you buy when you are emotional/rushed you will inevitably overlook something important or be forced into a situation you don't want to be in.

    If he is a reasonable seller then i'm sure he can at least wait a week. If he trys to rush it through quick then maybe he has something to hide. I'm not saying this is going to be the case but its best to be safe in these situations.
  6. Jared,

    Give me a call if you need a hand. I can look at it with you, and if all is well we will have the $$ to buy it on the spot.

    call me if you want to chat about it.

  7. not in this case the buyer moves out of the country in 7 days
  8. Thanks everyone for their ideas and support, especially tweet for the extraordinary offer to come down and help me buy it, thanks champ.

    Trying to work out getting it tomorrow, thanks to wayne it was feasible, but it would have still inconvenienced wayne, alex, james, whoever ended up holding it for me a week, and probably the pope as well.

    But I'm just going to risk it being sold and delay it until later in the week when I can arrange the whole thing myself, with my dad the only one having to waste time helping me, as it should be :rofl:

    If its still available I'll go get it thurs-sat, if not - I can't ride it til feb so I've got nothing but time :wink:
  9. just remember jared i'm pretty sure the guy says bye bye to australia on the saturday
  10. I'd not bother mate, you'll find another in the time before your restrictions run out.
  11. Man everything will be so much cheaper in 4mths time. Wait until then and i'm sure you will find a much better deal. Good things come to those that wait.
  12. Oh I know, but I'd like to have something in the garage so I can drink beers and stare :) + get some mods happening :)
  13. If you need a hand getting it on Friday (can't do Thursday, have an exam and Saturday I got to work) I can take you down, 2-up, and I'll ride the new bike up for you, and you can ride the GS back. Just let me know earlier so I can make sure my insurance will cover you (i'm sure you'll be fine... it's the other idiots on the road i don't trust ;) )
  14. good luck with it today jared. i reckon trailering it back would be the best option. wayne knows bikes mate. if there is anything wrong with it, he would be able to pick it.

    it seem like a good bike at a good price.
    all the best with it
    oh and yes drinking beer whilst staring at it and modding is very good indeed! :grin:
  15. I certainly wouldn't mind a big twin being stored in my garage for a week :LOL:.
  16. Thanks all :) I'll see how the guy goes selling it this week and if not I'll let you know :)
  17. Thats from the revs check website, does that mean that there is no finances owing and that its not a writeoff? Or is it just saying we can't access ACT info?

  18. Means the NSW revs site has no access to the ACT data. Not sure if you need to do it via ACT or if the link to act is down at the time you did the check.

    Phone revs, it's free and they may be able to help or if not give you the ACT equivalent
  19. Thanks, I gave them a ring and they've confirmed theres no money owing on it. But can't confirm it isn't repairable writeoff as its not in nsw.
  20. Phone ACT transport people, they should confirm it for you.